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Fake leather disintegrates

These chairs look nice and are solidly built, BUT, unless you are looking for a throwaway chair, they are not worth it. We bought these and less than a year later the fake leather has cracked and is disintegrating quickly.

By joem on World Market - Jan 1, 2014

Comfortable and good looking chairs

We bought these chairs to go with our kitchen table and everyone LOVES to sit in them. They are slightly taller in the seat than I expected and even my husband's feet can't touch the floor when he sits all the way back (he's 6'). Fortunately, you don't usually sit all the way back in a dining chair. The only other drawback is that the seats are just filled with foam so I'll be curious to see how long they stand up. For the price, I would have liked something with more support. Right now they are a classy addition to our kitchen and everyone is enjoying them, which means more family time around the table!

By Bunky on World Market - Oct 30, 2013

Great style, comfortable

I love these chairs. I paired them with the "Cooper Round" dining table, and the set looks great. Only complaint is that it took me a while just to locate just two of them that were undamaged (and one that I purchased actually has a scuff on the top corner of the bonded leather, but not too noticeable). Most of those that I saw in stores were really banged up. Only alternative would be to pay the crazy shipping surcharge, but after the atrocious shipping experience I had with the table, I'm certainly not going to do that. Still need to find two more that are undamaged.

By Bunky on World Market - Aug 5, 2013


I just had Bunco last night and everyone wanted to stay at the table with these chairs! They are super comfy and easy and just what we wanted in a dining room chair - somewhere to linger after the meal and be totally comfortable. They are light-weight and easy to move. We got the red but got the espresso in the countertop stools and both are great. LOVE THIS CHAIR!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Mar 16, 2013

Wonderful chairs!

These chairs are really beautiful, and are so comfortable that folks can sit around the table for hours and hours. These chairs are firm but soft, and offer great lower back support. They are beautiful, and look great in any corner - they will be awesome when extra people show up!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Oct 10, 2011

Were already put together at store!

Chairs are very comfortable and were already put together!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Sep 24, 2011

Great chair!

I bought a pair of Sophia chairs in aqua/light blue.They were a great bargain for [$] a pair! They are modern looking but look great with my antiques. I was very pleased with how comfortable they are and how stylish they look.

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Sep 2, 2011


I sat in the store and fell in love with it...I'm still trying to get two more or four more for extra guests...

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Jun 29, 2011

I fall in love

I sat in one of the chairs at the store, and man I went through great measures to get my chairs but I do not regret it one bit! They are so sturdy and the red is stunning. Buy it, you won't regret it. I myself plan on purchasing two more, they might seem a little bit expensive but very worth it.

By SonnyNChair on World Market - May 24, 2011

One word to Describe It - Aaaah!

I recently "test drove" this chair in the store. Once I sat in it, I slumped down and said "Aaaah!" I wish it were a recliner because it was that comfortable. I will be getting these after I move into my new place. All the colors were pretty, but I naturally gravitate toward green, and the red was stunning!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Apr 9, 2011

Liked it so much bought 2 more!

I saw the chair on your websight and immediately loved it. Its hard to tell exactly what they would look like in person, but I read the reviews and thought..why not! Then they went on sale and I ordered. [...]they were of excellent quality and construction. The color was perfect and are very comfortable. In fact my hard to please family loved them as well,so much so I had to order 2 more before the sale was over.

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Jan 19, 2011

Buying 2 more so I have 6!

Rich red color--nice accent to our kitchen table. My husband is picky and he LOVES the wide base and back. Guests always comment on them--how comfortable, etc. Despite having small children I wanted furniture that looked nice but were easily wiped off if needed. These are perfect! My favorite thing about them is they are LIGHT--so many chairs out there are too heavy--again, great for kids.

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Jan 4, 2011

Great find!

I ordered a pair for a space space in my kitchen, but found that they looked great in the dining room too. I bought a total of 6 chairs in red - 4 for the dining room and 2 for the dinnetee, which can easily be moved to the dining room for additional guests. These are light wieght and comfortable.

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Dec 26, 2010

they get lots of compliments

Comfortable and good looking. Great for dining, or an extra chair in a small space. Sturdy. Doesn't wobble on hardwood floor. I took a chance on the red, because it doesn't really match my room, but it's a neutral dull red that looks great with everything.

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Dec 16, 2010

Great Buy!

I was sooo happy with the color. This red is beautiful and fits in any decor.

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Nov 21, 2010

love,Love, LOVE these!

I was so surprised how fantastic these are in our home. Everything is the same dark finishes, but these added an unexpected "pop" to the room. My husband chose these, and I was totally hesitant, but he was right. They are wonderful....even hold up to my sons!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Nov 7, 2010

The Perfect finish to our study!

I too have been waiting for these chairs to go on sale and when combined with Explorer discounts, the wait was worth it! We bought two of these chairs for our study. One is accompanied with the Newton desk (perfect complement) and they share the space with two Brown Sullivan chairs. I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of World Market's furniture!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Sep 24, 2010


[...], I was pleasantly surprised that they were preassembled. The red color is gorgeous. My husband commented on how comfortable they are. They have a wider seat and it makes you just want to sit back and relax at the table. We LOVE them.I loaded some pictures with and without the flash. The wall art and the pig pot are also from WM. :)

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Sep 10, 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE these chairs!

Everyone who sees these chairs in our dining room loves them. They are just so cool, and the price is fantastic. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at the quality.

By Pierson on World Market - Jul 18, 2010


I've been waiting for months for these chairs to go on sale...and now they have! I just purchased 2 green, 2 red and 2 espresso for my dining room along with the Lugano table and 1 bench and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. These chairs are comfortable, durable and fit a range of body styles. I'm 5'8" and my husband is 6'6", so finding a chair we can agree on proved to be quite a challange. Buy them now, when they're on sale, because it only happens a few times a year!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Jun 12, 2010

Love it!

These are awesome chairs! I wanted something fashionable AND practical and these chairs are it. The leather is very nice, high quality; the seats are super soft and comfortable. The leather just wipes clean from any spills. I was hesitant at first about having a bright red color, but the red is so great! It is beautiful and vibrant and neutral all at the same time. The lines of the chairs are perfect-- a little curve that gives character and style. And they don't take up a lot of space. I keep 4 around the dining table, and use 2 in other spaces (desk, living room). I love them and my kids love them too!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - May 1, 2010

Great Chairs

The entire family loves these chairs. I just wish they came in more colors. They are so comfortable and sturdy, and have the added benefit of just a little taller height to make sitting at a table more relaxing for shorter adults and children (although my husband loves them too). My kids can sit cross-legged in them, or even on their knees. We actually bought higher-end high-back leather chairs that were three times as expensive and sent them back to keep these more affordable chairs, which we all agreed were much more comfortable. I love that they wipe off easily and the design does not allow for debris accumulation. We've already gotten several compliments. Great value, design, and look!

By SonnyNChair on World Market - Apr 9, 2010

Love this chair!

I wanted a desk chair that was different. This is a beautiful chair that is very comfortable. The colors are fantastic! I ended up with the red, but the green is beautiful. I've been very happy with my purchase. I bought mine in the store, and it comes fully assembled. I highly recommend to anyone looking for dining or casual chairs.

By Annie on World Market - Apr 7, 2010