Bradley Furniture Oak Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

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Shop for Pantries from! Give kitchen clutter the boot with the Oak Kitchen Pantry Cabinet. Constructed of sturdy, solid oak in a natural finish, this versatile pantry cabinet provides tons of storage space for your kitchen or dining room. It features two cabinet doors that open to three adjustable shelves - perfect for small appliances, cookbooks, nonperishable goods, spices, mixing bowls, serving trays, and much more. Two bottom utility drawers provide even more storage space for table linens and other items.About Bradley Brand FurnitureThe Bradley Lumber Company was founded in 1902 in Warren, Arkansas. For many years was the largest flooring mill in the world, making wall panels, decking, cabinetry, stairs and many other products. We continue to expand the company and build only 100% American made products, in the finest heirloom quality. Our master craftsman use the finest hardwoods for every product. Each piece is built by hand. We never use partical board, MDF, paper or plastic. All products are made to last a lifetime with durability you can count on. All our products are guaranteed for your satisfaction.


Product Title: Bradley Furniture Oak Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Manufacturer: Bradley Furniture

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