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While the Humanscale Freedom chair...

Strengths: Looks good. Is very comfortable on the butt/legs to sit in for extended periods. Easy set up (as it is not really configurable).

Weakness: Back does not lock into position and the seat does not move, so you cannot lock it tilted forward or backward. The only part of the chair that moves is the back and it moves too easily.

While the Humanscale Freedom chair IS comfortable, I personally do not think it's great for some users to be sitting in for long periods of time. It looks great, the seat is comfortable, and it offers good lower back support, but the fact that you cannot lock the backrest into place makes this chair very annoying.

In referring to this chair the company states, "movement...shouldn’t be constricted by locking mechanisms and manual controls". This sounds nice but after spending months sitting in this chair I disagree with their credo. At times you definitely DO want the ability to lock certain aspects of your chair in place. If I am sitting working at my PC I don't want the backrest of my chair reclining slowly. Sometimes this will happen while I am engrossed in work and I won't notice it until my neck begins to ache from keeping my head pushed forward while my back is reclined. Since buying this chair I have had a definite increase in upper back/neck pains and muscle spasms. I am fairly certain that the chair is the culprit and will be looking for a new one.

I disliked this one aspect of the chair when I was testing it and asked someone at Humanscale if there was an option available for the chair that would allow me to lock the back into place. The man I talked to seemed annoyed that I even brought this up and said that the whole purpose of this chair is to move with the user, not to lock them into a certain position. I said that sounded great but that I would just like the OPTION of being able to lock it at times as everyone is different. He stated that this chair was designed for everyone and that, no, it was not an option and that was that. I bought the chair anyway thinking that it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Small problems with furniture you spend a good deal of time in tend to magnify themselves over the long run, and I should have realized that. I place the blame on no one but myself for buying this chair, but I think other people should know that this chair is NOT for everyone.

By langdog - Dec 12, 2004

Good stuff!

Strengths: Superbly comfortable

Weakness: Superbly comfortable.. every so often you lean back and forget what you're working on.

We've got an office full of these.. and boy are they great! Beats the hell out of any standard faux-leather crap you usually find. Yes, the back does recline, but it's actually pretty weight-neutral.. so you dont have to force it in to position, and it doesnt really push against you too much.

Spot on.

By anonymous; - Oct 9, 2007