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Altough the chair is expensive,...

Strengths: Very comfortable, highly adjustyable.

Weakness: Steep price

Altough the chair is expensive, once you sit in it, you wonder why you waited so long to purchase one. The controls are easy to operate and works great. I highly recommend the chair for anyone having back problems and even sciatic nerver problems. You can complement it with a cushion.

By jcdufour - Sep 14, 2004

I hate my chair

Strengths: you can spin around?

Weakness: arms too wide, the arms moved in and out. This was supposed to be a good feature, but I pinched myself and caught my phone cord in the chair constantly. the low back doesn't have enough support.

Several people in my office have this chair and love it. I hate mine and have had nothing but trouble. I had to have the arms removed because they were too wide and I developed carpal tunnel in my arm from holding it in a weird position. My low back is killing me. I'm trying to get the office supply place to trade it.

By Pamela058 - Jul 26, 2006

Sit in Style

Strengths: Comfort, posture.

Weakness: Price

Anyone that doesn't like this chair simply can't be satisfied. This is the Cadillac of office chairs. The mesh material allows you to stay cool. Many chairs only have on mesh on the back, but this one has it in the seat as well. This prevents that awkward moment one person sits in another person's chair and instantly feels the residual butt heat.

Great support.
Great adjustments.
Very durable.

You sleep 8 hours a day, do you go cheap on your mattress? If you sit for a good part of the day, get this chair. It's a no brainer.

By anonymous; - Nov 13, 2007