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Bedroom Mattresses - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

3 Star Review Memory Foam 3-inch Mattress Topper (All Sizes)


bradh2 - (October 06, 2004) Not wanting to shell out a lot of money on a new mattress but looking for better sleep and interested in memory foam, I purchased this mattress topper from I have a standard full sized mattress, so I ordered the full size mattress topper. The order and delivery process was fine (though the box is, of necessity, quite large). With anticipation, I unrolled it and arranged it on my bed. To my dismay it didn't cover the horizontal width of the bed, it was too narrow by a few inches. Following the directions on the enclosed flyer, I let it stand for 48 hours to "fully expand", but this did not help the problem. The memory foam is very comfortable and I've convinced myself

5 Star Review Queen Therapeutic 10 Mattress Set (Compares to Tempur-Pedic®)


dwood1999 - (December 09, 2004) I can sleep comfortably on my side without my limbs going numb or falling asleep. In fact I find myself, more often than before, hitting my snooze button and staying in my bed's comfort a few minutes longer. A real plus for this style of bed is that if you are sleeping on the mattress with more than on person, you'll never feel them moving around. The motion is so isolated with this bed, sleeping with another person won't compromise your comfort.

1 Star Review worst mattress/overpriced


napa_neighbor - (January 16, 2006) Please do not be lulled into thinking this mattress is good because it is expensive. I have had a miserable time sleeping since the body impressions developed. My wife rolls into me, we have to grab onto the sides to keep from rolling towards the sandbar in the middle of the bed where we both naturally end up. Macy*s won't take it back since it has been 90 days and the exchange period is only 30 days. Their response is to send out an inspector who performs a lame inspection that finds that the impressions are not as deep as required by manufacturer to deem it defective because the inspector does not put enough weight onto the bed to create the deep body impressions that a real person doe

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review THE Best

Anonymous - (08/24/2013) Best Mattress pad I ever purchased; easy onto a 16" deep mattress, nice and soft and just nicely padded. I am getting these for all my bedding.

5 Star Review Outstanding Quality!

Anonymous - (08/15/2013) This is a great product. Well made and comfortable. Fits my pillow top beds perfectly! You should buy this product.

5 Star Review Actually fits the mattress

Anonymous - (08/10/2013) All the new mattress pads say they fit up to 20" mattress. This is the only one I have bought that actually fits the mattress. Our last mattress pad for this bed pulled the corners of the mattress up over time. So, now 3 mattress pads later over 7 years of trying. I now have a beautifully fitting mattress pad. The top is also luxurious and not skimpy at all.

Top Reviewers


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