Hammacher Schlemmer The Superior Queen Inflatable Bed.

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This is the inflatable queen-size bed with a network of interconnected air cells, creating a supple, supportive guest bed. The dual chamber bed has inflatable I-beams and coil beams surrounded by air cells that provide support and cushion pressure points, resulting in a stable, cozy sleeping surface. The bed sits 20 above the floor--8 higher than typical air mattresses--enabling guests to get in and out easily. A built-in pump inflates the bed in only 3 1/2 minutes and it folds to 18 1/2 W x 20 1/2 L for unobtrusive storage in the included bag. Plugs into AC. Set up: 80 L x 60 W x 20 H. (32 1/4 lbs.)


Product Title: Hammacher Schlemmer The Superior Queen Inflatable Bed.

Manufacturer: Hammacher Schlemmer

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