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Bedroom Beds - Product Reviews

Highest Rated Products

Most Helpful Reviews

1 Star Review WATCH OUT


jhousel - (September 23, 2008) We saw the Stratton bed with a wooden headboard online. (See picture) When we tried to order the bed & headboard shown online we were told that headboard does not exist. Next we tried to order the bed with the Hudson headboard, we were told that the Hudson headboard is no longer available. So finally we ordered the Stratton bed with the Montgomery Leather Headboard. We also ordered the Stratton headboard attachment. After waiting 2 months they delivered everything. Well, first the delivery guys didn't even attach the headboard they just set it up against the wall. Next, they figured out how to use the attachment but much to our dismay the headboard does not fit flush against t

2 Star Review Cute, but needs some real-life input


Mandoliv - (August 15, 2006) The lady in the picture must be standing on a box or something!! This bed is a PAIN. Knuckles get scraped when putting sheets on. We had to buy a bunkie board, the box spring makes it way to high, the rails are worthless if you use a box spring. In the picture, there is NO WAY there is a box spring in there. Also, forget about sitting with your child for a bedtime story. If you are small you can sit at the ladder opening, but this is awkward at best. The sides are so high that one cannot simply bend over and give a kiss goodnight. My son does love it though, it is an adventure for him. He is not the one putting sheets on though!!! It is quite bulky, so if you have a smallish room, it will fi

4 Star Review childrens beds


evilw4479 - (February 08, 2008) i have been looking for bunk beds for weeks. i got online and this looks great.i cant wait to see what my boys think of this. so much room

Latest Reviews

3 Star Review test

Anonymous User - (02/20/2014)

5 Star Review unusual, timeless,classy elegant, we spend a lot of time in bed why should it not look this good

Anonymous User - (08/20/2013) I love things that look totally out of the ordinary but still provide the things we all expect, such as comfort, support and just being a talking piece, as i know it would be if i brought friends to visit and showed them my bedroom supporting this bed, i guess i would be the talk of the city, typically when thet left earshot that is :) lovely bed would love to spend a night or two in it, great design.

4 Star Review this product does exactly what it says

Anonymous - (08/02/2013) the product is made nicely and has not torn throughout my season and trainings.

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