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Cute, but needs some real-life input

Strengths: Easy to assemble Storage is good Fun for kids Decent colors

Weakness: Always a bit wiggly Box spring will make it too high Very bulky

The lady in the picture must be standing on a box or something!! This bed is a PAIN. Knuckles get scraped when putting sheets on. We had to buy a bunkie board, the box spring makes it way to high, the rails are worthless if you use a box spring. In the picture, there is NO WAY there is a box spring in there. Also, forget about sitting with your child for a bedtime story. If you are small you can sit at the ladder opening, but this is awkward at best. The sides are so high that one cannot simply bend over and give a kiss goodnight. My son does love it though, it is an adventure for him. He is not the one putting sheets on though!!! It is quite bulky, so if you have a smallish room, it will fill it up. I do like that the colors are natural and not hideous neon colors. The pictures are misleading tho, I am of average height and there is no way that that woman is standing on the floor!!! Also, I feel that this is a limited investment, as when a kid is 11 or 12, he may want something a bit less childish, also the ladder will be pointless, as it is my 4 year old can skip the ladder (but he is a crazy monkey child) I also am not crazy about plastic but hey, his dad showed him this bed and that was that. So, as long as he sleeps in it I guess that is what is important.

By Mandoliv - Aug 15, 2006

Description is misleading

Strengths: Neutral colors, my son loves it.

Weakness: NO WAY you're going to get a mattress and box springs in it.

I agree with the last review that the woman in the photo must be standing on something. Giving a good night kiss is no easy task. The bed is large and fills up a small room quickly. The manufacturer is simply wrong about being able to get a mattress and box springs in it. Perhaps if you got a really thin mattress you could, but who wants their child to sleep on that? All we have on it right now is a mattress and it's at the top of the ladder. Changing the sheets is a pain, but I sort of expected that because of the way it's made. However, all that being said, my 2 1/2 year old LOVES it. It's his first big boy bed and he thinks it is the greatest thing. So - I guess it's worth my headaches.

By anonymous; - Aug 9, 2007

It's great!

Strengths: has lots of storage, sides are great for smaller kids, ladder is perfect as it doesn't impose on the room

Weakness: Cumbersome to make, can give the impression of filling a room though it's the same size as a mates bed.

This bed is fun for kids and functional for Moms. My son loves playing under it with his friends or by himself. He enjoys that it's like a fort both on top and underneath. The woman must be about the same height as me (5' 4.5") as I stand about the same height beside the bed. The higher walls are a great safety feature but make it almost as challenging as making up the top bunk! We also have had to move our story time to another location as I don't feel comfortable beside him in this bed. We bought this for our five year old child and figure he'll likely outgrow it's looks around 9 or 10 years old. Overall, we're very happy with it.

By anonymous; - Feb 23, 2007