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Stratton storage bed

Strengths: Beautiful, I get lots of compliments and people asking where I got it. Works great as a space saving addition to any home.

Weakness: If you use a nightstand on the side of the bed you will have trouble opening that particular drawer since the nightstand will get in the way.

It's a wonderful bed, but we never did get a headboard for it. If you don't mind a bed without a headboard then this is the perfect bed for storage. The drawers work great.

By anonymous; - Jan 15, 2010


Strengths: Nice looking online with all the different headboards.

Weakness: The only headboard that I can figure out actually exists AND works with the bed is the Stratton Storage Headboard.

We saw the Stratton bed with a wooden headboard online. (See picture) When we tried to order the bed & headboard shown online we were told that headboard does not exist.

Next we tried to order the bed with the Hudson headboard, we were told that the Hudson headboard is no longer available.

So finally we ordered the Stratton bed with the Montgomery Leather Headboard. We also ordered the Stratton headboard attachment.

After waiting 2 months they delivered everything. Well, first the delivery guys didn't even attach the headboard they just set it up against the wall. Next, they figured out how to use the attachment but much to our dismay the headboard does not fit flush against the bed and therefore is not sturdy. Meaning every time you touch the headboard it would move a couple inches.

We finally had them take the whole thing back.

So, I would say if you need storage buy a platform bed and use boxes underneath. This product seemed like it would be the answer to our storage prayers but ended up being a big nightmare.

By jhousel - Sep 23, 2008