Generic Cuddle Bed 400-Thread-Count Mattress Topper 15034403

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Use this Cuddle Bed 400-Thread Count Mattress Topper on top of your bed for a more comfortable and cozy feel. This cotton mattress topper is as soft as it looks and gives a fluffy feeling to lie down. It is great for people who have pain issues or for those who just want a lovely good night s sleep. Filled with premium polyester fiber fill, the top and gusset is made of 100% cotton. The quilted side gusset provides maximum comfort. This comfort mattress topper can either be added to your bed as a single topper or add it to a memory foam topper for even more fluffier feeling. It fits well on standard king and queen size beds and does not slip away. Revitalize your old mattress with this super soft cotton mattress topper, and you will feel like sleeping on a cloud.


Product Title: Generic Cuddle Bed 400-Thread-Count Mattress Topper 15034403

Manufacturer: Generic

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