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Bean Bag Chairs - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

2 Star Review Do Not Machine Wash the Cover!!!


blueskyinmaine - (December 14, 2005) I loved this when we first got it, (Christmas gifts for the kids 2004), but my husband washed the covers in the washing machine and the red dye ran and stained the white sections pink. The zipper didn't make it through the wash either so....... the chair is history. The Flyers bag made it through the wash, but the zipper suffered some damage. We still use that one.

1 Star Review its ok


bigtummymummy - (February 26, 2007) This is a cheap bean bag its ugly 2. I cant believe i wasted my money on this!My 1 year old daughter sat on it and it broke!i am ashamed of u cheats! ,laura

Latest Reviews

3 Star Review Fair

Anonymous User - (08/07/2013) Fair, but a lot of money for what it is

1 Star Review Why no PICTURES

Anonymous - (03/18/2008) PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i mean come on pictures mean everything omg! i say this about all the pictureless products you have come PICTURES then i might buy something but it has to have a picture gosh you really should have pictures!

5 Star Review love it

Anonymous - (01/13/2008) i love how its only 19.99!!!!!i dont know how someone could say "no?"its a great bean bag! its the greatest price in the world!!!I LOVE 2 SHOP AT J.C PENNYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!

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