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Do not buy this cabinet!

I'm still waiting to see how Home Source Industries responds to this issue. I expect a FULL refund. Let me explain:

I recently purchased two of these wardrobes. I'm accustomed to dealing with low end (assembly required) furniture but this cabinet should not even be offered for sale since it is not possible to assemble it without destroying it.

The assembly instructions are fairly clear and easy to understand. The first three steps indicate that the main shell will be assembled while lying on it's side. Step four indicates that the cabinet assembly continue in an upright position. The problem is that if you attempt to lift the cabinet after step three it will fold and break every connection. Even with years of experience I made the mistake of following the instructions exactly and destroyed my cabinet by attempting to lift it into the upright position. The problem is that there is no lateral support at this point. This is not an obvious issue though. One would assume that the joints that have been assembled would hold some pressure.

Using my own materials I reassembled the cabinet and continued the assembly. Even with long, heavy duty screws and glue and after completing more of the assembly to provide the maximum amount of strength possible with the provided materials it took three people to very carefully lift the cabinet into the upright position. It was obvious at this point that the “cardboard quality” construction of this cabinet would NEVER be solid but I completed the assembly anyway.

The final assembly was a cabinet that would not stand square and wobbled side to side when opening the doors(I had to wedge it between a bed and a wall to keep it straight and somewhat solid) and the doors would not line up properly with the provided adjustments. Look closely at the top of the doors and the handles in the sales photo. You will see that even the manufacturer did not get the doors aligned.

To date Home Source Industries has been very cooperative and given me to full refund for the cabinet that was destroyed while attempting to assemble it but, they have asked me to pay return shipping and a 30% restocking fee for the cabinet that I did not un-package. I've sent them a message explaining that I expect a full refund and for them to pay for return shipping. I'll update this review based on their response.

By bfackrell - Aug 13, 2013