eFavormart 3/8" Personalized Ribbon - 100pcs

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100 pieces personalized ribbons     * Custom printed on 3/8 satin ribbon     * 100 ribbons per order     * Approx 12 each piece.     * Are meant to be cut and used for bows as shown in the picture     * Orders are shipped uncut.     * Ribbons have printing on both sides (left & right) with a long space in middle to be tied.     * Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved     * These are NOT continuous printed ribbons, our continuous printed ribbons are posted separately.     * Please note, each roll is large enough to hold more than 1 order.     * (I.E. If you've ordered 5 x orders, and they didn't come in 5 different spools, do not be alarmed,        you can count them yourself to verify, they are all there.) Printing Restrictions     * 34 Maximum characters allowed     * Maximum character limits does include spaces.


Product Title: eFavormart 3/8" Personalized Ribbon - 100pcs

Manufacturer: eFavormart

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