Century Novelty Mini Boy Baby Shower Ducks

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A Classic Rubber Duck with Baby Shower Style These boy baby shower ducks are perfect for your baby shower The baby shower ducks are ideal to use as table decorations that your guests can take home as party favors. 24 baby boy duckies per bag. 1 1/2 long, 1 1/4 wide and 1 3/4 tall. Made of rubber. Assorted styles. Floats on its side or upright, no matter how it lands. For extra fun fill with water then squeeze to shoot water out the beak. This ducky does not squeak. The baby boy rubber ducks are ideal if your celebrating It's a Boy These rubber ducks are great party favors or decorations at your baby shower. Part of Favors, Toys, Gifts > Rubber Ducks

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Product Type: Duck


Product Title: Century Novelty Mini Boy Baby Shower Ducks

Manufacturer: Century Novelty

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