Carey's Smokeshop Premier Deluxe Tube Injector Make-Your-Own Cigarette Making Machine

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The perfect machine for those who don't like to sit and hand crank while making cigarettes. Simply load the tobacco and tube, then easily push down the lever and just like that, your cigarette is done! Sturdy plastic construction can handle the wear and tear of your cigarette making enterprise. Durable and efficient, the Premier Deluxe is one of the world's most popular cigarette machines. Uses 85 mm tubes with filters. If defective, please return machine to manufacturer per instructions included in box. Includes complete instructions and a one year manufacturer's warranty. (shipping weight 2 lbs)This is a great site for quality tobacco products, including a fine array of tobaccos, choices of cigarette tubes, machines and rollers..PLUS they sell an awesome cigarette tube loading machine that is totally EASY to use and totally brother and I love it. Is called the Premier Deluxe and really packs the tobacco well and takes way less than a minute. AWESOME!!-Sarah, Carey's Smokeshop customer


Product Title: Carey's Smokeshop Premier Deluxe Tube Injector Make-Your-Own Cigarette Making Machine

Manufacturer: Carey's Smokeshop

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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Strengths: Inexpensive and fully functional. Easy to use. A great product for the cost. Well designed.

Weakness: I haven't experienced any yet. I suppose that since it is plastic it may break at some point but I don't know.

I had been rolling my own cigarettes with very little success and a great deal of mess. Now I have real cigarettes for a fraction of the cost of buying them in packs. I use ZIG-ZAG KING Size filter tubes and Natural American Spirit Roll-Your-Own tobacco with this product. The filter tubes never tear and fill nicely. I was using the tamper upside down for a while before I figured out that the...
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By reina_bee - Feb 9, 2012

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