ProFlowers 100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies

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This abundant bouquet of alstroemeria, known as Peruvian lilies, will add vibrant color to any room. This colorful bouquet contains 25 stems of Peruvian Lilies, each stem with multiple blooms. To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are shipped fresh, budding, and ready to bloom.

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Product Title: ProFlowers 100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies

Manufacturer: ProFlowers

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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everyone loves proflowers

Strengths: flowers arrive bright, fresh, last a long time

Weakness: can be pricy

I wasn't going to bother with this since you have to register to review, but after reading some of the reviews I was kind of surprised that some were so negative. I was shocked at the reasons people were giving negative reviews. Firstly, you always get exactly what you order; the flowers arrive exactly on the day they're supposed to and they last forever. I've been ordering flowers...
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By greenxwhisper - May 8, 2012

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