HookaH-HookaH Premium Shisha Tobacco - 50g Jar

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HookaH-HookaH is like no other shisha on the market. Produced from a select blend of Virginia tobacco, HookaH-HookaH uses only the premium cut of the plant focusing only on the sun-ripened top leaves that produce a milder and sweeter flavor. Combine this quality shisha with the wide array of flavors that HookaH-HookaH has to offer and you get a hookah smoking experience thats like nothing else! We fully produce our shisha in-house utilizing our tried and tested flavoring and blending processes. Expect a savory experience every time you smoke HookaH-HookaH!


Product Title: HookaH-HookaH Premium Shisha Tobacco - 50g Jar

Manufacturer: HookaH-HookaH

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