magicJack USB Phone Jack - Silver 895034001006

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Product Title: magicJack USB Phone Jack - Silver 895034001006

Manufacturer: magicJack

Power Score: 4.1 | 1 Review

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Magic Jack, not a bad device!

Strengths: Works great and easy to set up and use. Would have given 5tars but its very rare for any product to be perfect so 4 stars is all.

Weakness: Needing the computer on to make a receive calls sucks. If you could hook it up directly to your broadband modem it would be the best device out there.

Would be better If you could have it running completely in the background in Mac OS 10.6. When you switch user account "fast user switching" it would continue to run without any restart or reset of the device. And when somebody call only the caller ID shows up on the screen and not the entire Magic jack program.

By denise315 - Nov 6, 2010

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