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TV Accessories and Mounts - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

3 Star Review Don\\\'t believe lamp hour life statments from manufacturer


Anonymous - (May 04, 2006) I finally got an honest answer about lamp life from a major factory service tech. "The hours stated for bulb life by the manufacurer (ANY Manufacturer) is from what the manufactuer calls the 50 / 50 test. So if the manufacturer states that the bulb has a 3000 hour life, this means that of the bulbs tested under IDEAL conditions, 50% lasted to 3000 hours with at least 50% of the stated brightness (lumens) when it was manufactured." This means that if your bulb makes it to 3000 hours your picture is probably degraded by the dim bulb. And the other 50% is dead long before 3000 hours.

4 Star Review Sony Rear Projection Television Lamp (120W UHP)


panker123 - (January 01, 2005) This is the only light available for the Grand Wega Sony LCD Projection TV. Works well and is very easily inserted. Just wish it was less expensive. Has only a 90-day warranty.

5 Star Review Sony Brand Replacement vs. Laptops for Less Replacement


TV_Addict - (February 03, 2007) I replaced my original Sony bulb last year after 5000+ hours because it had become dim during the daytime. A new Sony made a huge difference and returned my brightness to the way it was when the TV was new. It again became dim during daylight viewing after approx. 5K hours. I decided to try a less expensive after market bulb from Laptops for Less this time. It didn't return my brightness as the Sony did and actually stopped working after 60 hours. It also had a warmer glow than the Sony. To Laptops for Less credit, they did refund my money. The $50 more for the Sony is definitely worth it.

Latest Reviews

3 Star Review Procuro este suporte de parede para compra

Anonymous User - (02/03/2014) Gostaria de saber onde adquirir este suporte samsung wmb1900T

5 Star Review Sony 3D passive glasses TDG-500P

Anonymous - (09/03/2013) Great products. I can view 3D images at any angles

5 Star Review Great purchase

Anonymous - (08/22/2013) Exellent operation

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