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Ion Audio ITTUSB Turntable

Strengths: Very Easy Setup and Use. Straight forward directions. Audacity Software included is very nice for editing your recordings.

Weakness: Needs a dust cover and a place to store the 45 adapter

Wow! Talk about taking a trip down memory lane. Listening to all the old vinyl from days gone by is sweet. The turntable is very easy to use. From the novice to expert PC person. You will have no troubles using the audio capturing software. The best part of the software is that it is opensource. So, it is constantly being updated and improved, plus it's free! Its only weakness is no dust cover, but I see Ion is coming out with two newer models. One which includes a dust cover.

By Moosehead383 - Jun 13, 2007

Great Gift Idea

Father-in-law loves it. It's a very easy way for even the not-so-savvy computer users to get all the old vinyl tracks into digital format. He hasn't complained yet.

By aekemmerer - Jul 11, 2007

Nice Turntable But WHERE Is the DUST COVER?!

Strengths: Easy to use Reasonably priced

Weakness: No Dust Cover!!!! (rather unforgiveable of ION not to include a cover!)

This USB turntable was purchased to solve our need to convert a lifetime collection of LPs into CDs.

So far, things are going reasonably well, although we were (naively, I guess) anticipating that we could CONVERT and BURN CDs in ONE step rather than having to convert, then save as .wav files, then burn as CDs. It is a little disappointing that it is taking so long to produce the CDs. About 2 or 3 a day is the best output we've managed so far.

Two things that annoy are:

1. There is no dust cover, which is really rather unforgiveable of ION. (What house does NOT have dust?!) How are we supposed to protect the components without a cover? We would gladly have paid a little extra to get the nice plastic cover that ION provides on some of its other models. We hope ION will somehow make an add-on cover that will work on this model (and not a soft vinyl typewriter-cover type, but a hard plastic shell cover).

2. No tone-arm lift lever. We've had a couple mishaps with the *manual* tone-arm that may have damaged our vinyl LP and/or the needle. Again, we wish ION had given the tone-arm lift lever as an option, even
if it might cost a little extra.

One feature we do appreciate and have used several times already is the 1/8" stereo input. This enables us to convert audiotapes to CD format.

The quality of our LP-to-CD recordings seems fine, although audiophiles might find the quality of sound somehow lacking.

One thing we still have not figured out is the sound RECORDING level, which seems to have a Default level. We wish the Audacity software had a more comprehensive Help guide. Just figuring out how to move the cursors around within a completed sound wave file, in order to edit it, was a challenge! We do appreciate the various features included in Audacity, especially the ability to cut out any undesirable noises.

Overall, this product is nice, but we probably will have to upgrade to the USB10 model in order to get the missing features (tone-arm lift lever and dust cover) that we feel any turntable MUST have.

By Anonymous - Aug 3, 2008

Good things are always hard to find. This is a great find.

Strengths: Universal USB integration with MacOS 10.4.x. Provided software is good with some unique features. Great cartridge and stylus - don't have to use my own. Can be used with many OSX audio applications.

Weakness: No Cover or dampend cue. Plastic platter. Anti-Skate mechanism seems cheezy. Software - Freeware and lacking in features that I have come to depend upon with SpinDoctor. MIDI setup not as described.

This is the best piece of audio gear I have purchased in a long time. It doesn't look like much, but does it perform. For years I have dreamed of archiving and having my vinyl on CD or as digital files. My good tables are long gone and my beaters are dead. This setup makes it so very easy. I have only used the USB connection, but it also has RCA with an onboard preamp with line switching and gain. This will make it easy to hook up to just about any system. It also has a stereo mini jack on the front to feed in a tape player or the like. This only works if hooked up via USB.

The provided software, Audacity (Freeware) is OK (I got V1.2.5, the manual is for 1.2.4, and 1.3 is on its way), and the quality it produces a is great. MP3 encoding is via a third-party .lib you have to hunt for separately. The method to create individual tracks is very basic and because of this I thought I'd try other applications. Of which after the initial setup failed in producing audio through my monitors, I fired up Amadeus to check for sound and got it. The same with CD SpinDoctor, which I used to dupe a couple albums to make sure all was well. So I know I can use just about any audio capture software and am not stuck with a featureless application. Audacity does have a feature that lets you record at 45 and resample to 33, saving about 3 minutes per album which doesn't seem like much, but it will add up. You can also record 78's at 33 or 45 and bump them up.

MIDI setup isn't exactly as they describe in the manual. You might have to play around a bit in the Apple Audio MIDI Setup to get the right settings for monitor output. In the later X-OS's the table is seen immediately and sets up as need be, contrary to the instructions.

For "anyone" who is looking to transfer your vinyl to digital this is the trick. For the price it may not look like much, but it's the end product that counts. This table is in very short supply. That is why the minute I saw a vendor with one I grabbed it. Only to find another for $15 less five minutes later. So shop around, but beware that these are hard to get. I've been looking for close to a year. As hot as these are, I'm surprised that they don't make more.

So I'm off to clean up my stacks and get to archiving. Having been a DJ for 20+ years I have a lot of discs. Some that are of only a few ever printed and very valuable. Now I can listen to my tunes, instead of remembering them.

By FarmerBob - Aug 24, 2006

Good turntable - fair software

Strengths: Quick easy turntable setup. USB and line output

Weakness: Software is less powerful than others. No dust cover nor cueing lever.

I have been trying to convert an extensive collection of vinyl LPs to digital music, both to burn CDs and load on my hard disk. Using my turntable with simple audio output (not line out) did not work. It actually fried my audio card. This looked like an ideal solution. Most reviews criticized the software, but I am using Magix's Audio Cleaning Lab so I didn't think the software would be a problem.

installed the free Audacity software ver 1.2.4 on my desktop PC (Pavilion, 3.0 Gig Pentium IV, 1.5 Gig DDRAM and 120 Gig hard disk, running Windows XP SP2.) The install was easy and the instructions for setting up the sound card were easy. The first side of the first LP went fine. After that it was downhill. The software recognized the first two seconds of the LP then quit. I tried reinstalling and even tried the BETA of Audacity and adjusted the turntable gain control. Nothing worked.

Then I tried the same install on my HP laptop, (Pavilion, 1.8 Gig AMD Turion 64, 1.0 GIG DDRAM and 80 Gig HD, running Windows XP MC). Works perfectly.

I went back to the desktop PC and tried a number of changes and finally discovered that the USB turntable conflicted with another USB device. By disconnecting one device the other would work. Not the best solution but it works. More on this later if I find another fix.

The turntable is larger than expected but relatively light, made mostly of plastic. I noticed no wobble or lack of rigidity. The tonearm has a nice adjustable weighting for tracking and an antiskate control. The literature says that cartridge is standard and can be replaced easily. The outputs are USB, RCA out (both line and phono) but the cables are hardwired with RCA plugs. I would have preferred RCA jacks for two reasons. I had to cover the jacks with small plastic "baggies to prevent "shorting". Secondly, if I want to input to my sound card I need to buy a new cable (1/8 inch stereo to female RCA) instead of the more common 1/8 inch stereo plug to RCA male. The two "play" buttons are odd but they make starting and stopping the turntable easy.

The software seems to have an extensive list of features, including: Click Removal, Noise Removal, High and Low Pass Filters, Bass Boost and Change Tempo, Speed and/or Pitch. but they are less than intuitive and projects are saved in a proprietary Audacity format. It is necessary to save the files as WAV files to allow editing with other software. Also, the various slider controls do not appear to have a "reset to default" checkbox. If you start to play with a number of effects, you have to remember the original settings.

Two interesting features are a High-Speed recording and the ability to digitize 78 RPM records. Both features use software to change the temp or records played at higher speed in the first case or slower speed in the 78 RPM case. To speed up the process, 33RPM LPs are recorded at 45 RPM, then the speed is reduced using software. The result is a 30 percent reduction in the time needed to record a LP.

The turntable does not have a 78 RPM setting, so it is necessary to record it at either 33.3 or 45 RPM and again use software to change the speed. I haven't tested the 78 RPM version of this feature, but the high speed "dubbing" appears to work. I hope to compare versions recorded at regular and high speed to determine what differences if any occur.

The de-clicker seems to reduce some "clicks" but a significant number seem to get through.

The normalize feature seems to "adjust" the audio level so that all tracks are at the same volume.

I found the problems with Audacity or my PC, not sure which, reduced a would have been a great experience, rendering it only good. This may be an isolated issue, limited to my PC. I am an advanced PC user and teach PC classes at the local college. Someone with less experience and resources, e.g., an alternate PC might give up on this product. I will use Audio Cleaning Lab to record directly from the Ion turntable since it has a number of additional features, but not the high speed dubbing or 78 RPM change. (I'll still use Audacity for that.) Ion might consider bundling a light version of another product even if it adds to the price.

However, overall it does the job well and is a real bargain.

By larriemac - Aug 5, 2007

ittUSB turntable

Strengths: Very easy to use - not quite plug-and-play, but pretty close!

Weakness: Third-party software required to convert music to MP3 etc.

I was a little apprehensive since this has software that must be installed -- but it is very easy to install. After that, just plug the USB into your computer, and you're ready to go. My first attempt at transferring music from an LP was very smooth. I was a little disappointed that to save the music in a format I could transfer to my iPod I needed to go to a website and download another piece of software, but it was very easy and fast. The included software has more features than I can begin to use -- crossfade, editing, and other such things. I was just looking for a cheap piece of technology to get music from albums and 45s to my iPod, and this not only met my expectations, it exceeded them. Excellent product!

By xmasbaby59 - Mar 31, 2007

Fast and easy way to convert vinyl to digital

Strengths: Easy USB plug-in. Audio conversion software (included) covers basic needs. Decent cartridge included with turntable.

Weakness: No damped cueing. No auto off/return when record side is done playing. No dust cover.

So long as you're not an exacting and demanding audiophile who requires the very best in all your audio components so as to achieve the highest quality sound... this is a great turntable to use when converting "those old records off the shelf" to CDs. The USB hook-up couldn't be easier, and the Audacity software included with the turntable certainly covers all the basic needs for conversion. By simply following all the directions in the manual, I was able to begin converting my vinyls LPs to digital wav files in a matter of minutes. The resulting CDs, after only using a few of the effects in the software (volume normalization and noise reduction), are quite listenable and will serve well in a car or portable CD player. Once I become more familiar with the software, I expect my results to get even better.

With the exception of the few weaknesses listed above (all of which can be addressed without too much hassle), this turntable is, so far, a great alternative to the cumbersome process I had previously used through my regular turntable, lengthy wiring and more than one software application. Only time will tell as to whether the product will hold up well after repeated use.

By bokfu - Nov 13, 2006

A Sweet Piece

Strengths: Easy to use, high-quality, great results!

Weakness: None yet!

This is a great innovation. For years I've been sitting on the fence of the digital revolution, since much of my music collection consists of LPs that are quite literally impossible to find on CD -- trust me, no one has, nor will, put much of this stuff on CD.

So it was with glee that I found the Ion ITTUSB. Within minutes of getting it out of the box I was recording some of my old treasures to my PC and burning a CD. The included software is pretty good (not stellar, better than nothing) at removing pop-and-hiss, and the end result files sound excellent at high bit-rate. Note that is actually a pretty darn good turntable even without the PC connectivity: I connected it to my stereo via the AUX input, and I couldn't tell the slightest difference between this TT and my old hifi component.

If you have an irreplaceable LP collection, or if you just prefer the old sound to the newly remastered versions, then this is a solid, easy to use investment!

By jdavidmoore - Dec 18, 2006

USB Turntable

Strengths: easy to use

Weakness: no cover

The thing that makes this so easy to use is the user guide which gives you step by step instructions on how to use Audacity to record audio and then split it up into separate tracks. It doesn't go into the more advanced features of Audacity but it gives you enough to get going.

By a.guenin_1091717075 - Jan 26, 2007

If you have Lps or 45s this is the...

Strengths: Does what it says and works great!!!

Weakness: NONE..........

If you have Lps or 45s this is the turntable for you! Easy to make your own cds and mp3 What a great item.....Thank you.

By USMC1969 - Oct 9, 2006

Feather-light music revival machine

Strengths: The Ion Audio ITTUSB is easy to move around, which is handy when hooking it up to a laptop. I already use Audacity and had the 1.3 beta version installed, so recording was simple.

Weakness: There's no place to store the 45-rpm spindle, and no cover. This thing is probably going to get dusty. Reverts to 33-rpm, surprising me with a very manly-sounding woman singer, until I double-checked.

Wish I could protect this better, from dust and from cats that might jump on it and leave footprints in the dust. We don't need two play buttons -- why isn't one of them a slot for the 45-spindle? This lightweight marvel saves a whole bunch of records from the graveyard though. I'll be looking for LPs at the Salvation Army again, that's for sure!

By Lennonite - Feb 5, 2007

Great Product

Strengths: Easy to use

Weakness: No cover

This is very easy to use and it is a great product to finally back up or copy all the vinyl in your collection so you can continue to listen to it. I wish it had a dust cover but other then that, thumbs up.

By tedklein - Nov 17, 2006


Strengths: 100%

Weakness: None

I was looking for an easier solution to copy my record collection without much electronic equiptment. The Ion Audio ITTUSB Turntable provided the solution with little or no impact.
The sofware intergrated with the hareware with ease.

By laduce - Nov 8, 2006


Strengths: None

Weakness: Poor quality. Poor shielding. Poor customer service

I recieved the iTTUSB for Christmas. Didn't work. Shielding issues caused excessive noise, unfilterable. Four months of brow beating to get return authorization. Another four months and still no turntable.

By scottsquared - Aug 20, 2008

ITTUSB Older model, but worth it!

Strengths: Makes things easy and the price is right!

Weakness: No Cover and the Software is just Freeware.

I saw a review on TV in regards to converting records to mp3. This model did well, so I bought it. Not sure yet if it's better to use the USB or RCA to get the sound into the computer. From the review it looked like the RCA hookups gave better sound.

Shop around, get the best price and start converting!

By tchescat2000 - Aug 5, 2007


Has anyone used it to copy cassettes - i have so many gathering dust i would love to transfer to CD but alas the last piece of software required listening to every track to adjust the sound quality....

This unit says "to convert old cassettes, simply plug a tape deck into an auxiliary port" hmmmmmm

By anonymous; - Aug 1, 2007

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ION USB Turntable

Do you have a collection of vinyl that you would like to catalog on your PC as mp3s? This turntable has a USB port that allows you to record your favorite records into mp3s using the included software. Has a 2X recording option to speed up the process. Also works as a"regula" turntable.Added from ... PROS: (1) simple to set up - takes about 10 minutes to plug it...
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