Polk Audio RTi12 Loudspeaker

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The new RTi12 Loudspeakers grab your attention. They are wonders of industrial design: real wood, radiant with metallic highlights and racing car lines. Classic Polk performance in a design that speaks to today's high-end home decor. True performance art.

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Total Number of Speakers (Includes Subwoofer): 1

Maximum Input Power Rating: 500 W

Driver Size: 3 x 7" Woofer, 2 x 5.25" Speaker, 1 x 1" Tweeter


Product Title: Polk Audio RTi12 Loudspeaker

Manufacturer: Polk Audio

Power Score: 5 | 3 Reviews

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Strengths: Unbelievably good sound for the Price!!!

Weakness: They are huge! Bass could be a little better, but that's the sub's job.

I got these at a recent sale at Fry's for a very good price (pair under $700). These give off high-quality sound, and are built with quality (real wood). Very balanced sound with bright highs and full, rich mids. Bass is tight and punchy. Fits my room very well, as its carpeted and "dead."

By DeusExa - Jan 3, 2008

Polk RTi12 Like It Loud and Clear!!!

Strengths: Awesome Pair of Speakers! Quality Sound!

Weakness: Plastic Legs, Hard to Move

These are a great set of speakers for the money! I am extremely happy with the sound Quality from these RTi12.
I am running these Bi-amp from an Onkyo TX SR805 (130watts/channels). The Cherry color looks great with the Living room furnitures. I would highly reccommend these to any serious audiophile.

By anonymous; - Oct 21, 2007

These speakers are absolutely...

Strengths: Incredible sound quality

Weakness: size(over 4ft tall)

These speakers are absolutely awesome!! I owned Bose 901s before I upgraded to the Polk Audio RTi12s, and I can't believe how much better they sound than the 901s. With the 901s direct reflecting technology, we would lose a lot of sound out the back of the speaker, as per design. But that leaves a lot to be desired if you are interested in getting the best sound for music and especially videos....
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By reggie1036 - Jun 12, 2004

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