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Televisions/Tube - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review Tau 27" Direct View TV (27" - Flat - NTSC - 181 Channels - 4:3 - Surround - Stereo Sound - HDTV)


earnshiskeep - (July 22, 2004) I purchased this televison from Best Buy-while returning a 27" Toshiba that had a faint shadow in the upper left corner that I had bought a week earlier. They had been out of this Model when I made my initial purchase or I would have gotten it in the first place. No hassle with the return. And by waiting a week it was even on sale for only $494. Making them the least expensive retailer for this item (I imagine it's that way ALL the time, if you are patient enough to wait until they mark it down). That out of the way, I can't praise this television enough. The color is fantastic. The picture is sharp and clear. And it comes with as many video inputs (5) as you could possibly need--inc

5 Star Review WEGA 27" Direct View TV (27" - Trinitron - Flat - NTSC - 16:9 - Stereo Sound - HDTV Ready)


lingardi - (July 20, 2004) I was going to replace my bedroom tv after 13 years of service with another regular cheap TV. At the store I realized that HDTV is getting closer to an everyday reality ,so I decieded to get an HD ready set to stay current with ever changing technology. The Sony had a three dimensional look about it even without an HD signal I was sold. Got it home set it up and to my surprise my wife said wow what a beautiful picture. For once we agreed on my purchase of higher end electronics. Thank You SONY.

3 Star Review WEGA 32" Direct View TV (32" - Trinitron - Flat - NTSC - 16:9 - Stereo Sound - HDTV Ready)


BobBolan - (August 28, 2004) This TV has one glaring design flaw. When it is turned on it always comes on in 16:9 mode regardless of whether the signal is HDTV or conventional format. That means you always have horizontal black bars on the top and bottom. To fill the screen with a picture you must always ZOOM. There is no provision in the setup routine to configure it to start in the zoomed condition. That means you will burn the tube if you are not vigilant about zooming. Only solution I can think of is to purchase a $200 programmable remote and have it zoom on every startup. The other problem is that when zoomed the picture clarity is compromised. The cable TV technician tells me other HDTV sets have what's missing on

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review 27" Philips Digital TV

rustyshack2005 - (02/08/2010) After 3 years of owning this tv, I have had no complaints. The picture is crystal clear, the sound quality is fantastic, and the tv has survived several moves. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good reasonably low-priced digital tv.

1 Star Review Sound Quality Completely lost after 3 years

Anonymous - (12/09/2009) I have owned this television in 20" for three years and it was functional at best. The picture quality is poor. Watching NBA or NFL game requires that I sit within 4 feet of the TV to recognize every player. Worst of all the sound is completely shot after three years of very limited use. I watch this tv only 1 or two hours per day. In other words this tv gets around 1700 hours before the sound goes out. Its hard to say if its a lemon since it worked perfectly fine for the first three years.

1 Star Review What happened to rca?

Anonymous - (06/18/2009) Don't buy it, My father's rca console is 35 yrs old and works great. Mine is 3 and turns itself off. A cursory web search titled "truflat turns off" will reveal a known defect and no support. Shame on you rca.

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