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Problems with KV32FS120

Strengths: Not many

Weakness: Bad A & C boards that Sony knows about but won't make product recall

I had the same problems that many of you have stated. I bought the set in January 2005, and in March 2006, the picture and sound stopped working, and I was getting a flashing red light. After reading all of the comments on the net, I contacted Sony. I thought I'd share my story, so maybe some of you would take heart and fight the way I did.

First of all, Sony DID pay all of my repair costs, parts and labor. I had to stay on the phone for an hour and go through about 6 different levels of customer service. I told them that I was reading all of the complaints on the Internet about this particular model and that I knew they had made a defective TV with this brand, so I wasn't going to quit until they fixed it at their cost. They hemmed and hawed, saying it was out of warranty. Then they agreed to pay for parts. After listening to me tell them that a 1-year old set that I paid $600 for should not be broken, that Sony is a billion-dollar corporation, and that I was reading hundreds of examples from people who had experienced the exact same problems with this set, they finally agreed to fix the set at their cost, which they did.

I took it to a service technician they suggested, who turned out to be a jerk, but I can live with that. I took a week to fix it, and I had to stay on Sony the entire time, especially when they tried to say they were only paying for parts, but they did eventually pay for the entire thing.

Just so you know, the technician told me that this TV is defective. The boards are bad. It's the A and C boards. They go out after 6 months to a year. He said the best thing you can do is to turn off your TV after watching it (don't leave it on all day or night). And to expect the boards to go bad even after replacing them. He also said Sony is aware of the problem. Sony tried to tell me they would have put this info on their web site if that were the case, but, obviously, their own recommended service technician says differently.

At any rate, you can and SHOULD stand up to Sony to get your TV fixed. If you want to use my name and experience, feel free. My name is Denise Culver. I bought my TV in January 2005, and it's a KV32FS120, and you're welcome to tell Sony that I appreciated their good customer service enough to share my experience with you in hopes that they would treat you with that same great customer service experience.

Good luck.

By DeniseC01 - Mar 27, 2006

Don't buy this set!

Strengths: Nice picture when it worked

Weakness: Doesn't work any more (only 1 year old)

We bought this TV specifically for the Sony name and flat tube. It was the most I have yet paid for a TV.

Now, just over 1 year later and it won't power on. The standby light just flashes 9 times over and over again.

It is just outside the warranty, so Sony is no help. I called their local Tech and he wants over $100 just to look at it plus parts and labor!

Long story short. Don't buy this set or any other from Sony. Search the web and you'll see that lots of people have the same problem.

By parider - Jan 4, 2006

Sony !!!! Really !!!

Strengths: Picture quality, sound quality. When it works...

Weakness: 8 months after the purchase it is not operating.

I got this TV 8 months ago and already having problems. When trying to turn it on, no picture. Called the Sony recommended service center and they are taking forever to resolve the problem, almost 30 days and they still haven't been able to solve the issue. Not to mention that at this point service has reached 40% of the original purchase price.
I am really disappointed with Sony, both product and service.
Don't pay more for a SONY !!!!

By andrenashville - Dec 29, 2005

Poor performance. Makes me lose faith in Sony

Strengths: Great picture, and easy menu navigation.

Weakness: Poor 90 day labor warranty. Died after 4 months.

I purchased this set on 2/18/06. It stopped working on 6/24/06. Sony has agreed to pay for the labor charges, but my faith in Sony is gone. I had a Sony 32 inch before this one that lasted 9 years without one problem.

By king_of_tipton - Jun 26, 2006

90-day warranty for labor is like no warranty at all

Strengths: Featured-packed, wonderful picture.

Weakness: 90-day warranty for labor is like no warranty at all

I purchased a Sony WEGA model KV-32FS120 in Feb of 2005 and it suddenly stopped working. Using a flashlight, I look through the vents and noticed that the flyback transformer had leaked a white substance, so I suspect that it at least will need to be replaced.

While Sony will cover parts for a year, they only give you a 90-day warranty for labor. Now it's going to cost me anywhere from $70-185 dollars ($35 bucks just to get the tech to come to your home.) I wished I had paid for the extended warranty.

If you are going to buy this model you should seriously consider paying for the extended warranty.

By Charles1967 - Aug 22, 2005

A very good set for the price. But...

Strengths: Incredible sound and a very good picture, there are enough menu driven adjustments to tweak the picture to your exact tastes.

Weakness: Very heavy. Since I sit 8-10 feet away from the set, I find the image pixels to be a bit large.

A very good set for the price. But make sure you have a friend to help you install it. I used a little ingenuity to get the TV on the stand. I also bought the matching stand (SU-32FS2) and it fits like a glove. The stand even includes a hold down strap in the back that fits perfectly into the slot on the back of the TV. Otherwise it seems a little front heavy. There are suffecient inputs in the back to connect cable, satellite, VCR and DVD all at once. As well as a set of audio outputs on the TV if you wish to add surround sound.

By rdperez1 - Dec 24, 2004

I have owned this set 5 months and...

Weakness: Does not work

I have owned this set 5 months and came home to a flashing light that SONY CS says indicates needs repair.. 5 MONTHS! COME ON!!!! Now I have to get someone to repair it.. .I'd recommend looking elsewhere.. I have purchased SONY products my whole life and never was disatisfied... there is always a first...

By dadgummit - Jun 8, 2005

Sony Wega is King! Awesome t.v. but buy the ext. warranty

Strengths: Super crisp pictures.Great viewing modes

Weakness: Short warranty!

I looked at a lot of t.v.s before buying the Sony. Actually I was set on another brand, but the side by side test made an easy choice for me. And I snagged it on a price match from Circuit City for just under $450. I don't have hd or digital signal so I was looking for a standard t.v. that I could enjoy watching movies on and for everyday viewing. Price budget too was a major factor. Some knock the sound but I find it great. I pipe movies through a sound system anyway. The 16:9 ratio makes watching dvd's super crisp. Yes this t.v. is heavy. But most are in this category. My wife and I muscled it into our entertainment center pretty easily. Setup was a snap. The warranty from Sony is short to say the least. I recommend budgeting into the price the cost of an extended warranty. That's why I feel this t.v. falls short of a perfect. Product-wise, it's great.

By Dangeresque - Dec 28, 2005

I purchased this TV Oct 15,2004,...

Strengths: none

Weakness: heavy, channels not all in color from time to time

I purchased this TV Oct 15,2004, My wife call me at work on the 6th of March 2005 and said it just shut off and would not turn on. I called Sony and they told me to do everything that the Manual said in which I had already done. Thanks for the extended waranty plan from the Military Exchange. I put it in the shop and finally after a Month & half the shop called and said it was not repairable. If not for the extended warranty I would have been out of $579.00 according to sony

By aduckd - Jun 23, 2005

This set replace another Sony that...

Strengths: Top of the line set. Sony quality. Picture and sound excellent Setup is easy.

Weakness: Like any set of this size it is heavy

This set replace another Sony that when for 12 years. This one is the bottom of the Sony 32" line, but it is the top of the line next to all other TV makes. Setup took about 2 minutes after I got it on the stand. You will need help it weighs 164 lbs. When you turn it on it goes right to setup. For me all the factory setting worked out but I ran the setup anyway. The picture is shape and clear. Sound is excellent. All the directions in the manual are easy to follow if you need to setup any add ons like DVD or surround sound. I paid 529+tax. About $100 more than most brands, but I also may get another 12 years out of this set

By Toolmandbq - Apr 13, 2005

This is a wonderful tv. The...

Strengths: Great picture and sound!

Weakness: Big and heavy. It took two people to bring up two flights of stairs.

This is a wonderful tv. The picture and sound are great. I saw the Sony and several other tvs together in the store. I was sold on the Sony.

By vashana - Dec 9, 2004

I am a long time Toshiba user and...

Strengths: Great Picture, Nice Options and great Sound. Flat screen looks great!

Weakness: Heavy!

I am a long time Toshiba user and decided to go with Sony- Loved the picture and the look at the store. Looks great in my family room as well. Biggest negative is the size/weight. This will be the last time I buy a tube TV. Wish I was in the market for a big dog LCD now, because my wife and I lifting this thing was a sight to see!

By Priceman333 - May 14, 2005

Great tv

Strengths: Excellent picture price and sound

Weakness: heavy

ive had this tv for 1 day so cant comment on reliability but i can tell you though is the picture is twice as good as my panasonic 36 inch wonderful rich colors and sharp picture i dont know what it is but everything looks more realistic kinda shiny looking very pleasing to the eye with the new generation of tv's this thing has become very cheap was thinking about a hd tv but didnt think it was worth it to have a few great hd channels and the rest of channels look cruddy hd tv only looks great in hd in regular definition it sucks ill wait till there is more hd until then ill be happy with this the handles on the bottom is very thoughtful still need 2 to carry it though

By Ranyuncho - Dec 22, 2005

Sony should do something about his TV model

Strengths: Good picture quality

Weakness: Extremely,extremely, extremely unreliable.

Wow! I am one of the KV-32FS120 sufferer. I got it on Sept, 2004 and it die on Jan, 2006. How convenient? Few month after the manufacture warranty. That made me so angry. I paid $600+ dollar for this heavy, heavy door stopper. TV repairman told me that it would cost me $400 dollar to repair it. What the ^$#@? I was shocked. Therefore, I left it there. I can not believe Sony made a TV like this. This TV ruin the Sony image. I have been reading lots of complain about this TV. I am going to call Sony again to get this TV problem solved.

By seejlin - Jun 10, 2008

Sony KV-32FS120

Strengths: Great picture

Weakness: Short life

I have been a big Sony fan allways paid the high dollar for the better tv, I purchaced the 32" about 3 years ago it has gone out with standby light flashing, I didnt know so many people were having the same type of problems till I got on the site,so I dont think I will get it fixed nor purchase another sony, I have heard good things about Mitsubuishi

By anonymous; - Jan 27, 2008

For a tube tv it's GREAT



bought mine in june of 05 and have no problems yet.Kicking myself for not spending a little more and getting HD flat screen but am satisfyed for now with this SOLID tv. With my Satilite dish hooked up to it with an s-video cord
it delivers an awesome picture. Yes its heavy but remember its a tube-tv!
My last Sony I bought in 1987 was a 25inch XRB and lasted 18 yrs! untill the picture finally burnt out, thus I bought this one..only $499. on sale new.
Untill I buy a larger HD tv this will do just fine!!

By ahawk - Feb 4, 2007

Do not buy this TV ---> this is the 2nd time mine is dead in just 5 months!

Strengths: great ...when it worked

Weakness: DEAD, that's certainly a weakness (2 times in just 5 months)!

I bought this TV in August of 2006, and it was great while it worked...

Namely It stopped working just 3.5 months later. The Sony-authorized repair guys came over a week later, looked at it, and discovered that 2 boards were dead, and needed to be ordered in. I was patient and waited... but the parts did not arrive before the holidays, so we spent Christmas and New Year's w/o TV. I called Sony of Canada a number of times and they actually tried helping, but nonetheless it took in total around 35 days later until they fixed my TV. (all the while I was paying my cable!! which I could not use)!

So after they fixed it the TV worked fine... for 4, yes FOUR days!!! and it died again! I called the Sony this morning and waited another 30 minutes on the queue, then spent another 20 minutes just talking to the support person, and am now waiting for them to call me back with a plan of action!

Now that the TV died again, I demanded they do something today, as anything else would not cut it... i.e. I demanded to have the supervisors call me back at my direct line at work, but since noone called I called the queue again, and ended up talkig with yet another person. This person informed me the person that collected my data this morning wrote just a single sentence down!!! He was trying to be of help, but the "best he could do" was to write the note for the supervisors to all me on Monday.... here we go again!!

I am so majorly frustrated (beyond description).
I actually have VOD credits that will expire Feb 17th if not used. Also, I am certainly paying for my TV service (I called my IPTV provider and told them my tv is dead and asked if they could suspend my service, and not charge me, but they basically said this was my problem: (
And finally, so far I used TWO days of my vacation in order to meet with the repair people (since they schedule appointment times e.g. from 10am-1pm... so tending to this SONY nightmare I am wasting my vacation days on this instead on the beach!!!

I strongly advise you not to buy this model!!!
I've never had any issues with any of my othe Sony things.

For that I was willing to accept that the first failure was just a fluke, which could happen to anyone.
But after the TV got fixed, and it happened again, withing just FOUR days (4 !!!!) I tend to think it is not a fluke, and that something serious could be the reason to blame for these failures.

I mentioned reading about these comments on the web, but the agent told me there were no known issues with this model, and no recalls were made.

I'm wondering how wide spread of a problem this really is.

By EmergingTechnology - Jan 12, 2007

Possible class action lawsuit

Strengths: great picture

Weakness: I'm on my way to my 3rd set in less than one year.

I've had the same issue as other reviewers on this and many other sites. The set simply stops working. I am very disappointed and will be creating a website with form to participate in potential class action lawsuit within the next few months.

My 2nd set, in under a year, has now stopped working and Sony refuses to pay for more than parts... (as is stated in the warranty).

By B_Cotti - Dec 11, 2006

Don't buy this! Broke down twice in a year[no picture or sound, red light flashing]

Strengths: Good picture when it worked!

Weakness: Broke down in a month after purchase

We bought this tv in Dec 2005. In a month the tv was not working [no picture or sound], the red light was flashing.
Called Sony and since it was on Warrenty they fixed it[labor and parts paid]. After few months , it happened agian[exactly one week from today]. Same issue. Called SONY and they want us get an estimate from the approved service center. The service center is charging 75 dollors to come and take a look[just for the estimate].
Sony Customer service says they cannot help us until we get an estimate from the Service Center.
This might be a defective model, because it broke down 2 times in 11 months after purchase. Have read so many reviews with issues in this model[KV32FS120].

By suluaaron - Nov 11, 2006

What a piece of crap!

Strengths: None!

Weakness: Poor customer service. Defective product that Sony wants nothing to do with.

W e bought this set in February 2006 at Sears. The television just stopped working the other day. I don't think it has more than 30 days usage as we only use it to watch movies. The timer light started flashing. We called Sony, sorry out of warranty was the reply we got. 90 days parts and labor. I knew that when I bought it but being a Sony I expected the set to last at least 7-10 years before it had any problems. Wrong! Buy something else, anything but Sony. They have lost a customer for life.

By rlself - Sep 15, 2006

Don't buy this TV!!

Strengths: Great picture quality

Weakness: Quit working after 1 year

TV just quit without warning, after reading all the reviews I found that I'm not the only one. How disappointing considering the price I paid for this. I am going to call Sony tomorrow to see if they will do anything about their defective product.

By markjoy1 - Aug 8, 2006

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