Amazon Kindle Fire KNDFR8WIFI Tablet PC - 8 GB Memory - 7-inch Multi-Touch Color Display - Wi-Fi

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Powered by a fast dual-core processor, the Amazon Kindle Fire gives you an excellent performance that revolutionizes the way you browse the web. The 7-inch multi-touch display with IPS technology in the Amazon Kindle Fire provides you with an exceptional viewing experience. The anti-reflective treatment in the screen of this Amazon tablet PC does not strain your eyes. This Amazon 7-inch tablet comes with over 100,000 movies and TV shows to keep you entertained throughout. The Amazon Kindle Fire is beautifully designed with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features that will help you navigate swiftly between pages. This Amazon 7-inch tablet comes with an 8 GB space that lets you store all your media files conveniently. Enjoy the stunning high resolution display in this an Amazon tablet PC.


Product Title: Amazon Kindle Fire KNDFR8WIFI Tablet PC - 8 GB Memory - 7-inch Multi-Touch Color Display - Wi-Fi

Manufacturer: Amazon

Power Score: 3.8 | 9 Reviews

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don't buy

Battery failed 13 months after receiving. Managed to get replacement but now battery is failing 8 months after getting the replacement Amazon customer service was condescending when explaining defect, "it's not defective, it just isn't working like you want." Well, I think I'm reasonable to want it to charge as it is supposed to. It's not about the warranty. It's about...
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By rgold2@aol.com_7510434185 - Aug 27, 2013

Fire is lit, hand the torch to android tablet

Strengths: clean, clear picture and responsive screen, plenty of apps, nice touch. free Prime for a month. worth the price, not much more. 16g might be more useful. online and phone customer support is decent.

Weakness: poor disclosure of incompatible books!!! 1st book I purchased I cannot use on the Fire. limited action to xfer between desktop and Fire instead of just the cloud. Definitely a Reader not a Tablet.

The Kindle Fire is a vast improvement upon earlier Kindle readers. It is certainly worth the $200, quick ship and reader download options. I'm pleased with my purchase and plan to buy others as gifts for friends. It is very limited though to the Amazon's merchant profile. I would rather have interface options with my desktop material, more tabletesque. Good intro tech product for young...
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By anonymous; - Jan 25, 2012


Strengths: Crisp display, Amazon Kindle store at your fingertips, does a few things and does them well

Weakness: A little on the heavy side, limited apps from what I can tell, no major problems with it though.

My first e-reader. I am convinced that this piece of technology will change the way I read and consume media for years to come. At $200 its a good value. I didn't want all the bells and whistles of a tablet. This is an e-reader first, and a tablet second, but still gives me the ability to do simple web-based tasks.

By MattLi994 - Dec 15, 2011

Buyers Remorse

Strengths: Kindle got rid of all those anoying buttons at the bottom of the reader.

Weakness: Battery life. Cheap looking construction.

Glorified e-reader. Not fast enough or sharp enough to be called a tablet.

By anonymous; - Dec 8, 2011

It's perfect!

Strengths: Beautiful, smooth, easy to use, intuitive.

Weakness: None that I have discovered.

I've had my Kindle Fire for two weeks and I love it. I had no trouble getting started with it and it does everything I had hoped it would do. It's a pleasure to read on and it also makes it easy to check e-mail and facebook.

By crewylou - Dec 5, 2011

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