Zenith Watches DTT901 Digital TV Tuner

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Clear Digital PictureSay goodbye to fuzzy analog channels... your old TV has never looked better!On Screen Program InformationFind out what's on TV at the touch of a button.More ProgramsSee new and different TV programs on sub-channels available from many digital TV stations.Easy Remote ControlFor command of the Zenith Digital TV Tuner and many other brands of TVs.Simple Connection to TVUsing the supplied RF cable for easy hookup.Parental ControlManage access to TV programs with V-Chip technology.Advanced Closed CaptioningAccess closed captions using the CC button on the remote control or through the simple menu, choose fonts, sizes, colors and more for digital closed captions.Analog Pass-ThroughContinue to receive analog signals with your TV's tuner without a splitter.Energy EfficientEnergyStar rated.


Product Title: Zenith Watches DTT901 Digital TV Tuner

Manufacturer: Zenith Watches

Power Score: 3.8 | 11 Reviews

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DTT901 Zenith scanner

Strengths: didn't work with my TV

Weakness: they won;t ship me a replacement

and htey want anothe r8 xx for it, but then they want a further 8.xx to ship it. I object to expensive shipping, s I can't tune my tv to channels
can't even get public TV channels

By anonymous; - Jul 4, 2009

DTT901 DTV Rcvr

Strengths: simple to use

Weakness: none

Works perfectly. It was easy to set up and connect. The on-screen controls were easy to use. Signal sensitivity is excellent.Easy to recommend to others.

By CBTraveler - Jun 25, 2009

After much research on DTV Converter Boxes, this is the one!

Strengths: No more snowy channels. Signal Strength monitor helps you direct your antenna for the best signal. Easy setup, but got to read and understand directions! More channels than I ever had. (9 vs 2)

Weakness: May have to re-read directions to fully understand... If you have a poor signal (not likely) the picture breks up like a dirty CD... But adjust your antenna while you have the signal strength meter sho

I'm getting more channels than I ever had. (9 vs 1.5)
I had one decent slightly snowy channel and one very snowy channel in New Hampshire. They were Maine analog stations. Our viewing options were limited. Now we get 9 channels and no snow. A must have!

By SexWax - Jun 24, 2009

Superb Performance

Strengths: Sharp Crystal clear reception. no Channel Pixelation unless your signal is too weak and it has to be below 10% to be a bad picture. Volume control even when using composite video and audio out.

Weakness: no S-Video jack.

This box performs and outperforms any other box i have tried, GE, RCA, Digital Stream. Hands Down Winner, sleek look and all metal construction box make this a superb box. Remote control can control volume even on Composite outputs. Remote has very good range and box is very responsive to channel up down. Most other boxes i have tried are very slow in processing when executing remote commands or...
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By anonymous; - Feb 17, 2009

Decent Digital tuner

Strengths: easy to use s-video output signal strength meter

Weakness: not a universal remote

I've had this for about 3 weeks, and am enjoying watching both the extra digital channels available. I live in a semi-rural area, and the signal strength is good, even with a cheap loop type uhf antenna attached. I will probably get a smart antenna at some point, but it does not seem essential.

By dwah - Nov 29, 2008

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