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I received the XM Delphi SKYFi2...

Strengths: Audio quality, TiVo-like recording feature, ease of use

Weakness: Requires car, home, or marine kit for use...cannot be directly connected to without a cradle.

I received the XM Delphi SKYFi2 radio as an early holiday gift this year and have been using it practically non-stop for the past ten days.

The SKYFi2 is a simple-to-use high quality XM Radio receiver. I have been listening to my SKYFi2 at work daily (roughly about 7 hours of listening during working ours) in addition to in my car and home. The audio quality is exceptional and I personally feel that it exceeds that of my friend's Roady.

The SKYFi2 offers a 30-minute "recording" feature, and I believe is the most inexpensive of all XM receivers to provide such functionality. "Recording", I believe, is a somewhat misleading term though. You don't actually select to record specific songs, rather the SKYFi2 provides a 30-minute TiVo-like recording ability. Whenever you are listening to an XM station, the receiver will record the audio stream, including the track name/artist. You can then either go back in time and listen to songs which have already played (up to 30 minutes) or restart/pause the current song. This is a very handy feature, and something that makes my Roady friends quite jealous!

The SKYFi2 has a fixed black and white display which cannot be completely dimmed, though the brightness can be adjusted. Although it would be nice to be able to change the colors like on the Roady, this is a worthwhile sacrafice for the improvement in features and audio quality.

One major drawback of the SKYFi2 is the requirement to purchase either a car, home, marine, or boombox kit in order to use this receiver. The SKYFi2 does not offer any direct hookups (audio or power) and therefore is useless without one of the above kits. This makes it impossible to simply plug the SKYFi2 into another XM listener's car kit unless you remember to bring along your SKYFi car cradle.

This is a very good XM receiver for the price. Although it is not without its faults, overall the SKYFi2 appears to be a quality receiver that I would recommend to anyone in the market for an XM receiver that you can use both in the car, home, boat, or office.

By SgtWyatt - Dec 15, 2004

OK system poor on the road.

Strengths: The system and the channels are great. Pause and play back also very nice. The SKYFi2 is the best of the bunch.

Weakness: On the "open" road the signal goes in and out. Every bridge, tree, semi or any thing that blocks your south satellite view will take out your radio. This is a huge negative.

At home it is great with the boom box also great. But, on the road it can be frustrating. It is like listening to a skipping CD with the music cutting in and out. Like I alredy said it is just one negative but when you want to listen to a really a good song on the road it is a huge negative. At home you can get a good satellite signal and leave it alone but moving on the road you are at the mercy of everying blocking your "SKYFI" view.

By jimsnider - Aug 30, 2005

I have been considering satillite...

Strengths: Fm modulation built in, easy to install.

Weakness: none yet

I have been considering satillite radio for sometime. I decided on XM because of the price and equipment. I picked this receiver because it can be used in a car with the car kit using the built in FM moulation instead of the cassette adaptor. I can also use it in a boom box. It is very easy to move from the car to the boom box and visa versa.

By phil41102 - Jan 19, 2005

It's a lot more than I expected....

Strengths: 30 Minute Re-call and three scanning preset groups. FM transmitter can be picked up throughout the house without the need for extra wireing.

Weakness: The small remote could have been a lot larger.

It's a lot more than I expected. My Sony car unit is XM- ready but I wanted the features of the SkyFi2 so I did not get the XM black-box tuner. Instead I used the RCA Aux input on the Sony connecting to the SkyFi2 via an ear-phone to RCA converter cable. The unit is in the console and easy to read in daylight hours. Using the home kit, I did not have to run the antenna outside the home. And I can play XM anywhere in the house that has an FM stereo or radio.
I am very happy with it so far.

By ms4hdtv - Feb 16, 2005

This was the first satellite radio...

Strengths: Channel Variety, Digital Sound, Ease of installation. Portability

Weakness: Requires monthly or yearly subscription

This was the first satellite radio tuner that I have purchased. This thing is really neat. It is very easy to hookup - all you need is a home or car cradle and the ability to follow directions. The variety of the XM Radio stations you can receive is amazing - over 130 of them - all for $9.95 month. You can subscibe to yearly subscriptions for a price break. All genres of music are represented in the XM lineup, along with news, sports, and talk information. I have my XM tuner hooked into my Yamaha RX-V2400 Stereo Amplifier and the digital sound is glorious. A small handheld remote is included with the Delphi SKYFi2 which has many of the features you access from the receiver unit itself. I think what I like most about the satellite radio is that when you hear a song and like it you can look at the display and know who the artist is and the name of the song. I also have a car cradle and the the portable SKYFi2 goes from home to car slicker than anything. I find I listen to XM radio all the times I can and never run out of things to listen to. This SKYFi2 receiver has a nice bright display and has many advanced features all of which I haven't used yet such as memory button, jump button, search button, 30 minute replay , and more. This is very highly recommended and very very cool!

By techtechie - Feb 10, 2005

Been meaning to replicate the...

Strengths: Features and ease of installation.

Weakness: Display is good, but not comparable to lighted, in dash factory installed units.

Been meaning to replicate the factory installed unit in my other vehicle for a while now, but been putting it off due to installation paranoia. I can't believe they pack all these features into such a "small box." You name it, it's got it, pause, selectively recalling up to a half hour of air play, favorite song or artist recall notification & jump, scrolling sports scores & half hour delayed stock tickers, etc.,etc. Can't beat it, if you can hear and/or see, buy it!

By hwhiteco - Dec 20, 2004

What a great XM Receiver!

Strengths: Big displays, pause/replay function, stock ticker, easy jog dial for scrolling

Weakness: Not too many I can think of! A bit large and clunky for the car

I had an older (Sony) XM receiver and was yearning to get this receiver for a while. I like the fact that the receiver transmits wirelessly to the car's radio. Extremely handy, especially when travelling through different metro areas, as you can change the transmittal frequency very easily on this receiver.
I sprung an extra $50 and bought the home kit. This way, I get to enjoy XM both at home and in the car.
Many have talked about the pause/replay/rewind feature - I love it!
All in all, a solid XM receiver. I truly can't imagine how they can make the next generation of receivers any better!

By dbielik - Aug 13, 2005

I've found the new replay feature...

Strengths: Portable.

Weakness: Bulky.

I've found the new replay feature to be pretty nice. There should be more options for the ticker option besides sports scores and stock market numbers.

By SilentJJ - Apr 13, 2005

I had a previous XM radio that was...

Strengths: Very versitile, many great features.

Weakness: Rather large.

I had a previous XM radio that was hard wired in my car. I then had to start driving another car and was only using my XM radio a day or two a week. With the SkyFi 2 I am now able to put the radio in which ever car I am driving and also my home. It has brought XM to a new level for me. I also like the pause and rewind features.

By rorymcfarr - Apr 14, 2005

SkiFi2 does the job but has problems

Strengths: good reception

Weakness: remote does not work - I had two of them and both are inoperable. Also, the auto power plug does not work well. I have to reseat the power plug in my car's adapter a few times a week.

It's a good product as far as reception. I've heard some complaints but I only lose signal if I'm sitting under a bridge or other large structure - it's what I expected because of the nature of satellite. I have not driven outside of Los Angeles County to check the reception in the outlying areas so I can't comment on reception outside a big city. The problem with the power adapter(very cheap looking part) and the bad remotes are a nag that I can live with because I love XM. If a better unit of this type were available I would buy it and trash this one.

By Customer999 - Dec 29, 2005

Delphi SA10101 XM Radio

Strengths: I am quite impressed with the selection of stations and the clarity of sound. Easy installation and operations instructions

Weakness: No problems. A color screen would be nice.

I highly recommend the XM Radio system and the Delphi receiver. The selection of programing is outstanding. The variety of music, comedy, talk, news and sports is outstanding. I would like more college football. The program schedule indicated channels 140-148 were ACC sports, but major league baseball was broadcast.

By rbweddle - Sep 19, 2005

xm radio is great

Strengths: nice big display, easy to use, good looking`

Weakness: big unit

I just got xm radio and i absolutely love it. i can't wait to go on a road trip. this unit is a very nice one. it works great so far and i have had no problems. the reception is great. the sound quality is wonderful. the only thing that i could say badly about this product, is that it's a little big. i guess i'm just use to everything being so mini now a days.

By jenlepen - Sep 13, 2005

Delphi XM SkyFi 2

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