Audiovox Sirius FMDA25 FM Transmitter

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The FM transmitter lets you send the signal from your plug-and-play radio directly to your vehicle's stereo. The direct connection eliminates the static and interference that can occur when using a wireless FM transmitter. Direct connection to to your radio eliminates the need to find an open or unused FM channel.


Product Title: Audiovox Sirius FMDA25 FM Transmitter

Manufacturer: Audiovox

Lowest Price: $19.99 from Best Buy

Power Score: 3.6 | 10 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

It’s Cheap, and I Don’t Mean Price!

Strengths: None

Weakness: Didn't work.

The relay did not switch back to AM/FM antenna when the Sirius radio was powered off. ZillionBuy offered to replace the unit if I returned it, but I wasn?t wasting money on shipping to possibly again get another defective product. After reading other reviews I discovered this is a common occurrence with this particular device they are selling. I purchased one from Best Buy and it works perfectly.

By ccomper - Nov 2, 2009

Should be Standard with Radio

Strengths: All interference noise was gone. This should be standard "in the box" accessory.

Weakness: Check your antenna connection. I had to buy two additional jumper wires.

Worked as advertised. Easy to install. Only way to go if you don't have direct "aux" connection. This should be standard equipment with purchase. New model vehicles need different size antenna connections.

By TSost - Nov 5, 2008

DEI SIRIUS FM Direct Audio Relay.

Strengths: Easy Install

Weakness: none

Its Easy to install and gets rid of all radio station interference. Takes about 10 minutes to install.The only way to listen to Sat Radio. no more static or radio stations coming through.

By StupidDog69 - Apr 27, 2008

DEI SIRIUS FM Direct Audio Relay

Strengths: nice improvement

Weakness: none

Just as described. It really improved the clarity of my radio - sportster 5. We self-installed the radio and it just wasn't cutting it until I tried this little FM relay.

By cruzzin - Apr 26, 2008

Interference and static free Sirius Radio

Strengths: Easy to install in a Honda Accord; Small profile allowed for it to be hidden using double sided tape.

Weakness: None.

I disassembled my dash and found my FM antenna on my 2004 Honda Accord EX Sedan in less than 30 mins. Granted, I know how to install radios and have installed Sirius units on all my cars. It literally was disconnect one connection, plug 2 connections in. One to the radio and another to the antenna. If you are not familiar with your radio, I would recommend a professional install.

By nd93 - Feb 20, 2008

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