Motorola 484095-001-00 RF Amplifier

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The Hitachi Deskstar extends the company's long-standing tradition of performance and reliability leadership. Hitachi's standardized features in desktop solutions enable fast transfer rates, low power utilization and quiet acoustics. These features combine to make the Deskstar ideal not only for standard PC systems but also for ATA entry-servers, personal video recorders and other non-PC computing requirements.

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Product Type: Other


Product Title: Motorola 484095-001-00 RF Amplifier

Manufacturer: Motorola

Power Score: 3.9 | 41 Reviews

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Good if your looking for just a tweak

Strengths: It does boost antenna reception minorly

Weakness: It's not going to knock your socks off

I live in Phoenix where I pick-up "24 digital stations"... some repeats, but I get a decent variety. I noticed my Fox and my Channel 3 were a little in-and-out. I bought this signal booster here, and while it no longer goes completely out, I still find I get the distortion still. My signal fluxuated before booster: 0%-40%.. after booster: 10%-60% (on the weaker channels that I've observed). So it...
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By anonymous; - Sep 29, 2007

Boosted Cable Signal which feeds my TV and Internet Modem

Strengths: Package contains extra cables and is easy to hook up.

Weakness: A little large

My digital cable was great on all stations until I subscribed to the internet through my cable company. Ever since, months, certain stations would break up or just not come in. My internet connection has been fine but ESPN did not. Being college football season, Go Tigers, I had to get ESPN working again. I hooked this booster up before my first splitter (splits to a back bedroom tv and front...
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By anonymous; - Sep 3, 2007

Motorola Signal Booster

Strengths: Simple to install. Works great. Ingenious power cord design.

Weakness: Cords provided are too short and you will have to use other connectors. Especially for the power supply however the cords are of good quality.

I had real bad signal problems before buying this product. Since installing it my reception has been better than ever. I did have to go out and buy some cable to complete the install but it was a minor inconvenience and the payoff is definitely worth it. If you are having problems with your cable reception, go get the Signal Booster.

By dlj156 - Jun 5, 2007

Motorola Signal Booster

Strengths: Still not determined

Weakness: Lower channels on one television have a poorer quality picture. This may be due to the current location of the booster.

I have six VCR’s and two Television sets hooked to my cable, in three separate locations in the house. I also have a Cable Modem for my computers. The signal for VCR’s and Televisions is normally good but the Cable Modem drops out fairly frequently. I ordered the Motorola Signal Booster to see if I could improve my Modem reception. I still have some dropout of signal but I believe there has...
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By jireynolds67 - Apr 17, 2007

Improvement accomplished

Strengths: Improved the few channels I was having a problem with..

Weakness: AFter about 6 months, it started to cut out my cable modem.

After using this booster to boost both my cable tv and modem, my internet connectivity went out. After troubleshooting I determined that the booster was the culprit. I had to move the booster using a 1 to 2 splitter to only accomodate the TV and even then, I am still getting some lines in the TV. I may have to get a new booster to see if this one is bad.

By bnayback - Dec 5, 2006

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