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Electronics Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

3 Star Review “Primitive...Limited”


T Bear - (January 16, 2008) Features I would like to see added: 1. TV out support for free vice $100+ for additional "optional" equipment. 2. Wi-Fi - wireless synching. 3. Hard drive like capability like all other iPods. 4. Open source code access. 5. Software and game development access other than Apple. 6. Zune like sharing between iPods. 7. Ability to create playlists on the iPod itself. 8. Ability to delete viewed video directly from the iPod. 9. Capability to delete music directly from the iPod. 10. iPod connection via existing port to external storage devices. Right now iPod touch is hardware and software capability locked. Steve Jobs / Apple should o

4 Star Review 46" Projection TV (46" - DLP - 16:9 - Surround - HDTV)


chitowndave - (July 30, 2004) I bought this third generation DLP after a long hard search for the "perfect" HDTV. Plasma's expense and burn in problems (I watch FOX and CNBC often) just worried me too much, and LCDs looked good but not like this. Almost bought an EDTV 42" Samsung plasma because of the cost and the 2 year standard warranty, but I knew I would eventually wonder about a full blown HDTV and would buy one in a few years to replace it. I consider this set a way to avoid that step. I was also worried about the salesmans desire to take it out of the box before I bought it and confirm that it worked - and he stressed about not tilting the set past 90 degrees - this had me concerned about how fragile it was.

4 Star Review Good purchase


vtmchris - (March 28, 2005) Research: I've been looking for two years for a gps device for my car. An upcoming move to a new area added new focus to the search. I started looking at the Magellan Roadmate 700 because of the complete US mapping (I like the idea of just getting in the car and taking off without having to download maps). Magellan's reviews on PiceGrabber were positive but no one offered comparisons to other gps devices. The reviews for Garmin, however, were much stronger. Some people specifically compared the StreetPilot 2620 to Magellan noting the business directory and other features that Garmin offers that Magellan had not yet addressed. While considering Garmin StreetPilot 2620 I noticed the many

Latest Reviews

4 Star Review It's a useful phone.

IB2ChillE - (04/18/2014) This phone replaces an LG env2. I bought it to go with the Boost Mobile no-contract monthly account. It works well and has good features. The phone has WiFi which can reduce the amount of data use. The sound is clear and the phone has good reception here in Los Angeles. It has a front facing camera, and a very good quality rear facing camera. I like the Android system, and am already familiar with the Google Play store from another device. All of my apps are accessible, except for a couple that are not compatible with this phone (the other device is a tablet). As usual, I'll give it four stars for now, and may upgrade with experience.

5 Star Review electrified discounters and the ts-cl110uaa replacement lamp

bigal2216 - (04/03/2014) i found it on E-Bay. i liked the price of it. so i ordered it and in a few short days it was here. it came with the instructions on how to install in my t.v. i liked that very much!!!! i installed it just like it said to. when i turn on my t.v. i was very impressed on how clear it played!!! it played better than it did before it went out!!! i would recommend this to anyone who needs it! electrified discounters is a very good company ,they care about their customers and their products!! they give a good warranty on their products!!!

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