Panasonic ET-LAE1000 Replacement Lamp

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The brightness of a projector lamp fades over a period of time. To achieve dazzling presentations, nothing beats the bright, clear image that a lamp is able to produce. Besides, lamp failure is inevitable and the sudden occurrence could spell trouble. If you are a traveling presenter, it is a good to always carry a spare lamp for such a possibility. This Replacement Lamp from Panasonic produces excellent, crisp, clear brightness and has been specifically designed to be used with Panasonic Projector.

Quick Glance

Product Compatibility: PT-AE1000U

Light Source Type: 165 W UHM Projector Lamp

Light Source Life: 2000 Hour


Product Title: Panasonic ET-LAE1000 Replacement Lamp

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Lowest Price: $45.75 from

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