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Life time of the bulb

Product cost was much cheaper than other one Ilooked a. Was delivered in a reasonable anount of thime. Easy to install. my only complaint it that the bulb didnt last long before it blew out which is why I had to order another. Its used in a 52 inch Tv in thefamily room that gets use a lot. Overal
it did the job

By chattybabybyrd@aol.com_9225683 - Apr 16, 2014

electrified discounters and the ts-cl110uaa replacement lamp

i found it on E-Bay. i liked the price of it. so i ordered it and in a few short days it was here. it came with the instructions on how to install in my t.v. i liked that very much!!!! i installed it just like it said to. when i turn on my t.v. i was very impressed on how clear it played!!! it played better than it did before it went out!!! i would recommend this to anyone who needs it! electrified discounters is a very good company ,they care about their customers and their products!! they give a good warranty on their products!!!

By bigal2216 - Apr 3, 2014

Very fast delivery, bulb was here before the bulb actually burned out. Thanks

Weakness: None , Had very good results

This is the second time I ordered from here, and have had excellent reslults each time, The price was fair, and would recommend to any one to purchase from here.

By anonymous; - Jan 12, 2012

Excellent Product, Very Efficient Seller! Worth it!

Strengths: Great communication with fast delivery..

Weakness: none found to date.. even thou; I personally would like to see them carry more products I need to get, (like a remote:)

This would be my 2nd purchase of this same lamp from the same company.. The first time I ordered this was for a TV that was losing all lamp functions, I was apprehensive about how well it would work, but i still I ordered it; received it IN NO TIME AT ALL! I installed it myself *very simple* and it lived perfectly for 18months, here is the review. MADE MY SECOND TIME ORDER , NOW HERE I AM TODAY ABLE TO WATCH MY BIG SCREEN AGAIN..LOL, THATS WHAT I CALL A ELECTRIFIED EXPERIENCE! THANK YOU!

By D'JasonLaw426 - Nov 8, 2011