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Remote Controls - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

3 Star Review Great remote, but setup could be so much better


twilbur - (May 30, 2006) For me, the killer feature of the Harmony 890 (like other Harmony remotes) is the activity-based menus. It makes the remote easy to use for people who don't know your particular set-up by letting them select from Activities such as "Watch a DVD" or "Watch TiVo." Initiating the Activity turns on all the relevant devices and puts them all in the right mode. While in the context of an activity, the Harmony has eight programmable "soft" buttons that you can program to be the most useful buttons for that mode (e.g., in "Watch TiVo," they include commonly-used special buttons like "TiVo," "Now Playing," and "30-second skip," as well as the screen-size adjustment from the projector). I select

5 Star Review Great Remote - No idea why it is so cheap??


nicholaspapagiorgio - (December 23, 2005) I researched this remote for almost a month and only found one review in which the user stated that the remote could not learn properly and further research revealed that this seems to be the general consensus on the internet with regard to this remote. Well, let me tell you that this is absolutely incorrect. Probably they did the same thing I did at first. When first attempting to use the learn function, I aimed the remotes so they were facing each other (as is common with learning remotes). It turns out there is another IR on the back of the remote (the part that faces you when you use it) that is used for the learning function. Once I figured out the right IR to use, everything worke

5 Star Review RM-AV3100 Remote Control (Audio/Video - 32.8 ft)


churchil09 - (July 06, 2004) This remote is the ultimate in remote controls, it can control anything and everything. (I have almost entirely Sony equipment, so I haven't needed to experiment how the functionality of programming other components, except for the learn feature. But the learn feature takes care of everything. There are twelve buttons that one can rename to suit any command) My favorite part is the strength of the signal. I've never thought of it as an issue, but with this remote, I barely have to aim at all, which works well, because of it's large size, it usually just sits pointed at the wall, and I can push a button, and it can reach the VCR, TV, receiver, etc. without re-positioning.

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review Best Remote

yads2k1 - (05/18/2013) Best remote I have ever owned

4 Star Review handy little device

artwrangler - (05/12/2013) This device functions as described. No need for batteries is a relief, and no need to aim it at the IR sensor. Helps relieve camera shake, and lets me be more comfortable working in numerous ways....

5 Star Review Perfect for HTPC

Scott - (04/30/2013) Use with XBMC on three linux HTPCs. Works out of the box.

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