Universal Remote Control Universal Home Theater Master Remote Control

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The MX-500 is ergonomically designed and weight balanced to fit comfortably in one hand. The brightly backlit LCD view screen and buttons make navigation within a darkened home theater environment a breeze. Punch Through feature enables control of one component while the remote is actually in another component mode.

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Number of Controllable Devices: 10

General Features: LCD


Product Title: Universal Remote Control Universal Home Theater Master Remote Control

Manufacturer: Universal Remote Control

Power Score: 4.4 | 15 Reviews

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MX-500 Universal Remote Control.

Strengths: Easy to use & set up. Comfortable, excellant IR transmission power.

Weakness: No PC interface for loading discrete commands.

2nd MX-500, 1st unit lasted 7years of daily use - still works but tired of cleaning button contacts.

Very easy to set up new unit - with "clone" feature - 30sec's work!

Highly recommended for price vs features & performance.

By Hornis - Jun 4, 2007

Quite impressive

Strengths: Versatile, high quality look and feel, pre-program codes appear very comprehesive, decent price

Weakness: Don't really like devices that use AAA batteries. Economically speaking, AA are the way to go.

Only had this for a week but so far it has everything I need. I have used the pre-programmed codes, the learning feature, and macros and they all work as promised. I'm sure that I will continue to make changes to buttons as I go. Using the pre-programmed codes will automatically populate a variety of buttons with commands and it's a bit of a trick to figure out which is which. But still, it's...
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By mrb186 - Oct 24, 2006

This is by far the best Universal...

Strengths: Universal Remote I've bought ever, and I've bought plenty. Definitely superior to a Kameleon.

Weakness: Backlight is virtually worthless for reading LCD except in total darkness. If you want to backlight the screen, find a better method.

This is by far the best Universal remote that I have ever purchased. (Over the years I've purchased several, the last being a Kameleon.) Lots of power, lots of memory. Easy to make the remote do what you want. A lot of flexibility. Definitely the best bang for the buck out there! Highly recommended! Took me from seven remotes down to one!

By geistmeister - Feb 7, 2005

The reomote lost the pre-loaded...

Strengths: Highly configurable. Intuitive layout. Feels balanced and solid in you hand. Handles a multitude of tasks. Easy to program.

The reomote lost the pre-loaded signals for some of the programmed buttons and I had to replicate the same learning process for the same button numerous times. Other than that, the remote has performed flawlessly

By dkmoul - Feb 4, 2005

I chose a high-end remote because...

Strengths: excellent for TV

Weakness: VCR setup was completly unsat

I chose a high-end remote because most universal remotes leave quite a bit to be desired. My TV remote was giving it up. Setting up the MX-500 for the TV (a sony) worked great! Everthing was going fine. Now it was time to set up the VCR. I still don't have it even close - dismal failure! I haven't even tried yet to set it up for the DVD; but, I don't have much faith. This sounds good; however, if...
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By KENNETH23462 - Feb 4, 2005

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