Terk Audiovox Leapfrog Remote Control Extender Kit LFIRX

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Increases the range of any remote controlAllows you to control your Satellite Receiver, DVD player, Personal Video Recorder, Cable Box, VCR, Stereo Receiver or any other controllable component from anywhere, even through wallsAdditional transmitter units are available to expand the system for your whole house


Product Title: Terk Audiovox Leapfrog Remote Control Extender Kit LFIRX

Manufacturer: Terk

Lowest Price: $28.99 from Rakuten.com

Power Score: 4.1 | 25 Reviews

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works great

Strengths: Works with Verizon FiOS Set Top Boxes at all angles, between floors in a house riddled with WiFi and cordless signals

Weakness: My wife prefers the neighbors "little" repeater system that only exposes the IR eye but cost over $200. I prefer to save the money and have the flexibility with the Terk units.

After alot of reading and considering many options, some as expensive as $215, I tried a similar Jensen product for $51 that did not work at all. The Terk, which in it's new configuration are small square boxes, not cones, worked great and cost less than $40! I have the Verizon Set Top Box in the basement with the one Terk unit and the other Terk unit is in the kitchen next to my wall mounted...
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By drs1512 - Jan 8, 2008

Very cool!

Strengths: Works great, affordable, pays for itself in 6 months (no extra reciever fee)

Weakness: Took me a while to get it set up. Was kind of fussy about location for the 2 units, but once you find a good position it is awesome!

What I got did not look at all like the pic, but I am glad. The ones they sent were actually better looking, (square, with a telescoping antenna like on an old radio or cordless phone.)

By jsbigcatlover - Dec 14, 2007

Sometimes it loses button clicks

Strengths: Lets me put my loud TiVo box in the garage

Weakness: Sometimes it loses button clicks

Sometimes it works fine; sometimes it loses clicks in a random way.

Is my unit defective? Is there a trick about interference from Wi-Fi or refrigerator or cordless phones or about how to place the units?

By DaveYost - Mar 11, 2006

Not as good as described

Strengths: Inexpensive

Weakness: Must point remote directly at unit; won't work in sunlight or florescent light

I was very hopeful that this product would work as well as some had written about it. Although I could get them to work, they were very intermittent and touchy. You have to point the remote, right at the unit for it to work. I called the company that makes them and they did warn me that you have to keep them away from metal objects, sunlight or florescent lights. That could have been part of my...
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By cipresso - Sep 9, 2005

It's alot cheaper than buying...

Strengths: Works great (thru walls and floors, although it is suppose to do that) really like the small infrared sensor that you hook up to your unit so you can hide (no one even knows it's there)

Weakness: can not buy extra units to use together

It's alot cheaper than buying another reciever for my dish (and it's alot easier than unhooking, then rehooking it back up if I want to watch in the other room). This works great for my needs (especially since I did not want to run more wires) and with the infrared thing they send with it you can hide your one unit so no one knows it's there (that was a nice surprise since I didn't know it came...
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By ravenecw - Apr 3, 2005

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