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Exciting and convenient, the RM-VL600 controls up to 8 components, and with the One-touch system control, synchronizing operational status on remote and alternate components is done with ease. Also a Learning function for programming from other remotes.

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Number of Controllable Devices: 8

General Features: Learning Function


Product Title: Sony Learning Remote Control

Manufacturer: Sony

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Power Score: 4.5 | 16 Reviews

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Outstanding for what I want in a remote

Strengths: It saves my time from carrying 3 remotes around

Weakness: None that I have incountered

For the use of connecting my TV, Cable and DVD/VCR player together, it works wonderfully.

My cable provider was not able to give me a remote that worked with my new TV. This remote "learned" my TV, my Cable and my DVD/VCR player. Now everything works good together on one remote. I love it.

By skrhome - Apr 5, 2010

Better than nothing

Strengths: better than nothing

Weakness: not backlit and can only be preprogram for 6 inputs

My biggest beef with this remote is the limited number (six) of imput sources it can handle. I bought this remote because I have a Sony television along with a Sony dvd/surroud sound system and I thought; oh perfect a Sony for the Sony stuff. Well, almost; My TV is a bravia xbr4, it has 2 video inputs, 3 component inputs and 3 HDMI inputs, -and in that order, for a total of eight inputs. The...
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By Dburrows37 - Apr 10, 2008

Definite evolutionary improved remote control

Strengths: Light, solid build, large buttons.

Weakness: Although learning is better it is still kludgy and can take several attempts to get a button right if the remote is not already in the database of the remote

Very good remote. If you used either the VL700 or the VL900 you will appreciate this remote. It is a good evolutionary improvement to those remotes. The remote works as specified. It is low cost and can learn if given enough patience.

By ehovland - Aug 22, 2007


Strengths: Easy to teach. Large memory. Macros. Good value.

Weakness: No preprogrammed code for my Sony DVD player! Had to teach it.

This is a great value. It was very easy to teach all of the commands from my other remotes. I could even mix and match remotes, so I could program my sound system to respond to volume commands when the TV is selected. The macro function let me turn on my satellite dish and TV, and set the TV input and aspect ratio with one button. There is no programming 'pause' function, but the workaround...
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By anonymous; - Jun 18, 2007

Does not have post sale support

Strengths: Controls basically everything (as long as you're lucky to get it working).

Weakness: Operating Instructions are confusing and do not work. Sony Support is the worse ever!

Have it working for my TV, VCR, and DVD. The problem begun when I tryed teaching it the eject command signals from the original Panasonic unit. Instructions from the manual do not work and NO SUPPORT was found neither on a chat session nor through the telephone. Buy any other one, but a Sony!

By vitorbovo - Feb 20, 2007

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