Acoustic Research AR-R1540 Universal Remote Control

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LCD touch-screen with 40 keys; enables display of only keys needed to control a single component.

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General Features: LCD, Learning Function, Pre-Programmed Codes, Touchscreen

Number of Controllable Devices: 15


Product Title: Acoustic Research AR-R1540 Universal Remote Control

Manufacturer: Acoustic Research

Power Score: 3.9 | 12 Reviews

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cool device

Strengths: touchscreen, programmable, learning remote, macro functions, backlit screen

Weakness: nothing major: weird shape (wide vs.long) takes getting used to, rubber buttons are not backlit, no RF functionality, not as visually pleasing as other similar products

This is a great remote. It take a little while to get used to its size and weird shape where it is wide rather than long, so not as easy to hold on one hand as the standard remote. The touch screen is very nice, and you can hide screen buttons you are not using. This is also a learning remote. Many other universals come preset, and cannot learn new commands. So if your device is not...
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By Lurker3 - Aug 1, 2007

Good Value

Strengths: Big Touch Screen Back Light Response Battery Life Atomic Clock Temp Indicator Learning

Weakness: Big Requires two hands to operate Soft buttons labels fixed

I paid $25 so can't complain about the price.

Response time and battery seem to be OK. Macros and soft buttons are no too customizable. I guess you need to pay more to have those features like Harmony remotes. Remotes of this type are kind of old fashioned and out dated these days but not bad as backup remote or as a bed room remote.

By seyak - Jul 6, 2007

Acoustic Research AR-R1540 Universal Remote Control

Strengths: Great price, works with no problems, reduces clutter by letting me store away all my other remotes

Weakness: I have trouble getting used to the 2 hand remote. The touchscreen is cool, but it's not as easy to use as real buttons.

Great price for a great piece of technology. I used the learning function to get the right button configuration from my other remote controls. Now I have one cool looking remote instead of 5 remotes.

After about 2 months of use, I'm still not used to the 2 handed configuration and I don't think I'll ever get used to it.

Overall, it's a great remote at a great price.

By shimq1 - Jul 2, 2007

Good as a backup but...

Strengths: Atomic clock, touch screen, price

Weakness: Bulky, two hand operation, difficult to see even with backlight, long time to program

I bought this as a backup to my Logitech universal remote because of the great sale price. It seems I'm always misplacing my remote or it's across the room when I want it. I've had them both sitting side-by-side on the coffee table for a few weeks now and everybody ignores the AR and goes for the Logitech. It has some features I like but the touch screen lacks the ease of use of old-fashioned...
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By nowlen - May 16, 2007

Best Remote Ever!!

Strengths: Easy to read LCD screen Touch Screen Backlight Great Range Easy to program.

Weakness: A bit big not color

Wow is all I can say about this remote. It can program fifteen other remotes into one! I like the many features it has such as macros. The backlight is a must at night. This works perfect in my home theater so I don't have to fumble around with 5 remotes for cable, TV, dvd player, VHS, and Audio. It is a bit nice, but impossible to lose. It is not quite a logitech harmony since it is not color...
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By xdr4gon - May 15, 2007

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