Whistler XTR-658 Radar Detector with Blue LEDs


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Whistle Radar Detector Blue Gives You Total Protection The Blue Whistler XTR Radar Detector is a high-performance radar-laser detector that will give you the protection and alerts you need. With 3 city and 3 filter modes, you'll get fewer false signals in busy areas. The Real Voice alert system announces any signals it detects, so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to know what is going on around your vehicle. With the 360 Maxx Coverage feature, you'll be protected from all sides. And the Safety Warning System alerts you to road hazards and emergency vehicles nearby. With the Whistler Radar Detector Blue, you'll be undetectable and nearly invisible, protected from radar detector-detectors, with Ka Max Mode, RSID, LSID, Detects Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode, Total Band Protection and POP Mode Detection that identifies when short-burst lasers are used. You can customize your detector as you like, with selectable features for bands, alert tones, vehicle batter saver, and a battery voltage meter.


Product Title: Whistler XTR-658 Radar Detector with Blue LEDs

Manufacturer: Whistler

Lowest Price: $119.99 from Sears.com

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