Toshiba 50" TheaterView HD Compatible Projection Television - 50H71 Intelligent Digital Scan...

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Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Standard)

Diagonal Screen Size: 50 in


Product Title: Toshiba 50" TheaterView HD Compatible Projection Television - 50H71 Intelligent Digital Scan Conversion

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Power Score: 2.0 | 3 Reviews

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Too expenssive

Strengths: Excellent clear picture (using satelite)

Weakness: Problems with circuit board, & speakers. Set too heavy

We started having problems with the circuit board BEFORE the end of the normal warranty period (which was good). same problem, only now no longer under any warryanty, the We again have same problem, only now there's no longer any warranty to fall back on, as the regular warranty as well as the extended warranty coverage have just now expired. It would cost us over $850. CAN to repair, in my...
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By anonymous; - Apr 28, 2009

I have owned this unit for 1-1/2...

Strengths: Great picture, ease of use, setup.

Weakness: If it breaks, Toshiba cannot provide parts.

I have owned this unit for 1-1/2 years, and it has been a great TV - until it broke! The unit is easy to set up, has PLENTY of inputs/outputs of all kinds, and the 2 antennae input/1 output is great if you have satellite and cable. The unit has 2 sets of video and s-video inputs - and 2 sets of HDTV inputs. The remote is really clean and neat, and the buttons are well placed. BUT...I have had a...
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By tainos - Nov 25, 2004

Two years ago was a very good...

Strengths: Light weight and thin. 2 components inputs. Good pictures and decent sound. Easy manual convergent alignment

Weakness: Casters are not lockable. TV will move if bumped. Remote can control cable and VCR but none for DVD or audio unit.

Two years ago was a very good deal, new from Fry's for $1295 . Brought home on the back of my Explorer (fitted perfectly). Quick and easy setting up. Have not had any problem.

By vtv - Mar 16, 2003

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