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Great TV from Sony!!

Strengths: - outstanding picture quality - size of screen for price - wide range of inputs

Weakness: - extended warm-up time (30 - 40 secs) - GUI interface somewhat helpful but gets confusing

I was originally considering either a plasma or LCD TV as my first video upgrade in years. However, a Sony salesman suggested looking at rear projection TVs as an option, given that space (or lack of it) wasn’t the driving factor. Having written RPTVs off as being too bulky and somewhat outdated, I was pleasantly surprised with the price point and the quality of the picture. In fact, watching a movie in the showroom I picked up details I hadn’t seen (or been able to see) when I saw it in the theater. Picture quality for SD is acceptable and for HD is amazing. Viewing angles are slightly more restrictive than plasma / LCD but for my room setup this isn’t an issue. Settings (and there are many of them!) take some tweaking to achieve the best picture but are worth the effort. Additionally, I’m using a Sony DVD player to take advantage of BRAVIA Theatre Sync, Sony’s HDMI-linked component management system, and while it’s convenient, it’s not as “plug ‘n’ play” as I would’ve liked. All in all, though, I’d highly recommend this TV to anyone and recommend a live demonstration before purchasing anything else.

By AlbertTL - Dec 12, 2007

Best projection HDTV for 2007

Strengths: Picture, details and bulb life

Weakness: cannot hang on the wall, less-fashion, discontinued

Great picture, which you can easily see from many many other users. Latest technoledge buy half the price compared to the LCD/plasma with the same size and 1080p resolution. Only drawback is the 20 second warm up time. Also the bulb life improved from 3000 to 8000 hours that you can buy on-line at about 170 USD currently. Just heard it is discontinued by Sony who tries to focus on LCD flat panel TV from now on for more profit. So sad about this. Paid 1200 total including free stand from Onecall. Deal!

By fnpony - Jan 12, 2008

Great HDTV for price

Strengths: Price, Picture Quality-both HD as well as SD, Sharpness, Sound Quality, Many different types of Inputs on the side - HDMI, Component, Coax etc.

Weakness: Browsing TV menu is not very user friendly

I bought this TV after doing extensive research online on various websites like Cnet, Amazon and I must say that I was so right in my decision. This is best TV in 1080P HDTV category. I was mainly worried about the quality of Standard Definition channels since most of the channels are still in SD. But after watching those channels, I confess that I am in awe of this TV.

By mk25 - Feb 26, 2008

Great Value in Projection!

Strengths: Excellent picture (comparable to Plasma), 3 HDMI inputs (many inputs for that matter), inputs on side of tv (so you don't have to get to the very back everytime), nice design

Weakness: Takes some time to warm up, slight white coloration in the middle (behind the screen, not bad but a little noticeable), limited sound (just opt for stereo), a little heavy (around 80 lbs)

I was looking for a tv for the family room and didn't want to spend up on a plasma as that goes in the entertainment room. I researched and viewed many tvs before deciding on the Sony 50". I really wanted the 55" but could not fit in my tv stand area. I am impressed with the picture quality as it truly rivals some plasmas! It is a great value; I get a great picture in a big screen at a relatively small price! The picture looks excellent in HD (the signal is from a DishNetwork HD receiver via HDMI cable).

It does take a little time to warm up, but that is a minor hindrance. The picture tube has come a long way. Rumor has it that Sony is dropping projections tvs so I would expect the prices to come down even more. I only worry if Sony will stop producing the bulb which is essential when it burns out.

My take is to go view the tv in person as it is sold by most major retailers (Sears, Circuit City, Best Buy). You will be impressed. I was a doubter until I viewed up close and made the jump and I am not disappointed!

By kj1000 - Jan 30, 2008

Don't Buy Sony

Strengths: Sales person

Weakness: Sony does not honor their own warrant

I purchased a 50" Sony . In less then a year a small blue spot appeared in the middle of the screen that never goes away. I called to request a service person to fix the problem and Sony REFUSED TO AUTHORIZE THE VISIT. Without even looking at the set I was informed that my problem was "WITHIN THEIR SPECS". Now I have a large screen Sony Tv with a blue spot showing on everything viewed to remind me NEVER AGAIN SONY.

By earljones7309 - Jan 30, 2008

Awesome Sony TV

Strengths: Sharpness, Color rendition, overall picture quality and price!

Weakness: The only real weakness is that its not flat

I chose this tv after reading many favorable reviews and I have not been dissapointed. I could have spent double on an LCD, but for the price, found that this was the better option and have not looked back since. The picture quality is outstanding, leaving nothing to be desired. Grab one of these quick before sony starts to only sell the more expensive flat panel displays.

By matt82 - Jan 13, 2008

Great Set - Hands Down

Strengths: Picture, Ability to Tweak picture,

Weakness: cannot have PIP with PC and TV

This is a great set for anyone who doesn't want or need to hang something on the wall. The picture is better than most LCDs and Plasmas out there (inky blacks, plus accurate colors, bright!) plus you can use it as a pc monitor. I have it hooked to a Mac mini with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I have owned this set for over a year now and people still comment on how great HD content looks. SD content is still really good with this set too ( a huge selling factor considering SD programming is still in the majority).Bottom line, if picture is important and you can get over the form factor, buy one. They are less expensive $1200-1500 when compared to most LCD

By LookyHere - Dec 31, 2007

sony kds-50a3000

Sony Kds-50a3000 receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 3.13 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #11 LCD projection TV of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008