Samsung HLS4666W 46" Projection TV


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Samsung's 46 Widescreen DLP TV delivers an astounding HDTV experience. The natural, vivid colors of Samsung's HL-S4666W are achieved through our advanced Brilliant Color technology with a faster color wheel. A contrast ratio of up to 2500:1 captures blacker blacks and crisper whites and images. And the ultra-fast DLP chip results in the fastest video performance of any HDTV. Best yet, Samsung's superior technology ensures no image burn-in for a reliable, long-lasting picture.

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Product Type: DLP

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

Interface Connection: USB Yes

Max Resolution: 1280 x 720

Contrast Ratio: 2500:1


Product Title: Samsung HLS4666W 46" Projection TV

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Power Score: 4.2 | 11 Reviews

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Most Bang for the Buck!!

Strengths: Lots of input options with 2HDMI ports. Great menu system. Excellent Picture. Good viewing range for DLP TV.

Weakness: Remote could be backlit.

This is definitely a cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing contemporary looking HDTV. Very easy to set up. This DLP HDTV is highly recommended; do not hesitate to purchase. In my opinion; The Most Bang for the Buck!!!

By chiefdeputy911 - Feb 14, 2007

Review of Samsung 46

Strengths: Lots of inputs and nice to use when playing consoles games since it has a special game mode. Nice HD picture and great to use in bright rooms since it has a 2 brightness settings for the dlp lamp.

Weakness: Upconvert 480i to 720P. My tv had a slight geometry error on a 4:3 picture the lower part of the screen was about half an inch narrower than the top.

First I wanted to say that this tv is the bedroom TV and not my primary TV. If it was my primary tv I wouldnt have been buying. I have cox cable and HD channels and wathing DVD in 720P is great. As for standard content 480i either in analog of digital is not that good. If i set my cable box to output 720P for Standard definition content its looks worse on the tv than letting the tv do the...
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By cadillact - Jan 23, 2007

Great size. Great price. Great brand.

Strengths: Good price.

Weakness: Does not cook popcorn very well.

Samsung products are increasingly one of the top products in many product lines, like Sony was supposed to be while I was growing up. The products are less expensive than most comparable products. Most of the DLP TVs I have seen have good pictures and enough inputs to allow most components to hook-up. This one is no exception.

By nedburlesonii - Nov 28, 2006

Nice features for an intermediate size HDTV.

Strengths: HDMI input, lots of inputs, 720p, Game mode, & easy setup

Weakness: No digital cable card reader

I replaced a Sony 32" CRT with this model. I picked a size comparable in height. I didn't want a five foot wide television for every room. Superb features and 720p resolution. Game mode for my kid's gaming. Extra inputs for everything imaginable. The setup was simple. I'd love to see 1080p but the sub $1250 price makes up the difference. The size is great for smaller rooms. Don't spend $3000 for...
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By stperona - Nov 13, 2006

Great Valued Large Screen TV

Strengths: Versatile, excellent picture quality, large number of easily assessable input options, intuitive on-screen menu, excellent picture quality, light weight, compact, quiet, smart and effective packaging

Weakness: Spotty quality control (TV required some tweaking before getting it to work, see more in Comments below), remote control buttons too small and hard to identify at a glance

The unit is well-built, well-packaged and quite stylish. Set-up was easy with its auto channel search and easy to use on-screen menu. Copies of the quick reference guide and full menu are available for download at the Samsung site. Here is the detail on my ‘Quality Control’ comment under ‘Weaknesses’ - This particular unit was having problem fresh out of the box. It (basically the lamp)...
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By eagle05l - Sep 26, 2006

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