Samsung 7 Series HL67A750 67" Projection TV

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Samsung's HL67A750 67 DLP HDTV has one of the most environmentally conscious designs on the market today. Consumers will find that this HL67A750 new Cinema Pure color engine powered by the long-lasting generation 2.4 LED consistently outperforms its traditional lamp-based counterparts, delivering outstanding picture quality and continuous light output rated at over 60,000 hours. Energy Star compliance addresses efficiency while these state of the art HDTVs consumes approximately half the power of a 60-inch class plasma HDTV. This new LED DLP sets typically do not require interval lamp replacement and combined with low power consumption results in a lower cost of ownership for the consumer.


Product Title: Samsung 7 Series HL67A750 67" Projection TV

Manufacturer: Samsung

Power Score: 4.9 | 18 Reviews