Samsung 50" Projection TV

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Samsung introduces a new DLP TV that is guaranteed to catch your eye whether it's on or off. The new HL-P5085W combines award winning styling with award winning high definition performance. Experiencing the 50 inches of inviting wide-screen viewing area is the only distraction that will draw you away from its unique floor standing pedestal styling.

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

Product Type: DLP

Max Resolution: 1280 x 720

Contrast Ratio: 2500:1


Product Title: Samsung 50" Projection TV

Manufacturer: Samsung

Lowest Price: $52.20 from

Power Score: 3.9 | 14 Reviews

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Love My TV

Strengths: Awesome picture and design no where to put the components but they make a stand that you mount on the wall where you can put all the components. Absolutely marvelous picture

Weakness: takes a while to turn on

I bought this television refurbished and what a deal i got. Bought it with a little hesitation ut wen it came it looked brand new and for 1000 dollars cheaper than it was new locally to me. No complaints the tv is great, Everyone who has been in my house asks me where did i get my tv. Thank you powerseller you guys came through.

By uboena - Jul 28, 2006

The stand goes w/ this TV. It is...

Strengths: The widescreen is extremely nice.

Weakness: None.

The stand goes w/ this TV. It is so strong, not that heavy. I love this TV. Great to buy. The picture is so clear. Have many functionality available. Nice to have it.

By cow4me - Jun 14, 2005

I can't get over how incredible...

Strengths: PICTURE QUALITY! Option to fine tune each individual station, user ability to change out main bulb( no service call), ready to go out of the box, built-in pedestal, touch screen.

Weakness: Viewing in a well lighted room only good directly in front of TV.

I can't get over how incredible the picture is. Well worth the investment. Probably should have gotten the 56" model. Recommend getting the matching Samsung HT1000 Home Theater and component stand.

By thesauceman - Apr 21, 2005

This TV looks amazing! I ordered...

Strengths: Awesome picture quality, even on non-HD stations. Great black levels.

Weakness: Cannot use any hi-def inputs for PIP, No front input jacks or media slots, Remote control. Definately requires some calibration.

This TV looks amazing! I ordered it from for $1000 less than BB and CC. I was afraid at first ordering such an expensive item over the internet, but I had no problems with them what so ever. I use my Xbox as my DVD player and it looks great. The one thing that is totally gay about this tv is that you cannot have the PC input or the other HD inputs in a sub picture.

By gblachstein - Feb 15, 2005

I strongly recommend potential...

Strengths: Picture quality is excellent

Weakness: Audio/video out of sync from home theater

I strongly recommend potential consumers of this product research the "lip sync" problem before you buy it. I wish I had. The issue is most prevalent when running audio/video thru a HTS. Its like watching a badly dubbed movie. You hear dialog before you see the characters speak. The only fix I've heard of is getting a an audio lag function either as a feature to the receiver or as an add-on...
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By iceman36 - Feb 15, 2005

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