Samsung 46" Projection TV

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Samsung introduces our 3rd generation of leading edge DLP TVs already known for their award winning picture quality and compact design. The new 63-series further defines high-definition performance and is lighter and even more compact than previous designs.

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Product Type: DLP

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

Max Resolution: 1280 x 720

Contrast Ratio: 1500:1


Product Title: Samsung 46" Projection TV

Manufacturer: Samsung

Power Score: 3.0 | 29 Reviews

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samsung 46" rear projection tv

Strengths: Excellent picture and sound, ease of hook up and light weight

Weakness: none

I purchased my Samsung 46" in 2005 when I moved to Texas from Massachusetts. I had checked out other large screen tvs and felt the price was to steep for the LCD and plasma and I knew nothing about the technology. This tv has had much use and one house move. I am pleased with the picture and sound quality, the ease of component hook up, the light weight. The tv has been maintenance free and has...
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By anonymous; - Mar 1, 2010

Samsung DLP TV

Strengths: picture

Weakness: price, reliability, service

I bought a 56 inch Samsung DLP TV in September 2003. I also purchased a four year extended warranty. Total cost came to $5,000. During the first two years the TV was in storage about 6 months and wasn't used. I had the color wheel repaired once under warranty and had several times where the TV did not seem to operate properly. Soon after the warranty expired, I had the white dot problem. The TV...
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By dogdaysman - Jan 31, 2010




Came home from vacation to find the tv not working. Looked in manual which said it was the lamp. Called Samsung told not under warrenty. Ordered new lamp, still won't work and the three lights still blink. Called them again, finally got a tech to come out. Was told it was the ballist, well guess again that isn't the problem. It has been 1-1/2 months now with no tv. Now Samsung is willing to comp...
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By anonymous; - Jan 6, 2010

dont buy samaung

Strengths: picture quality

Weakness: bulbs, balasts, boards going bad, color wheel,

We have had our samsung tv for 3 years. We have replaced 3 bulbs w/in the last year of owning it. I talked to samsung customer service & was told to bad, talked to samsung corperate & was told you will just ahve to keep buying bulbs. I don't think so. Before i actually purchased this tv, I asked around and all the rave was about samsung tv's. I wish I had never asked aroud & purchased another...
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By anonymous; - Dec 9, 2009




Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these complaints- thought just happened to ours until friend mentioned his had same problem. Exactly the same problem - sometimes few times a day - sometimes every few seconds! Called Samsung and was told "too bad". We all got stuck with a lemon - they know it but don"t care. I'm all for a class action suit! BOYCOTT SAMSUNG! [SET PURCHASED @2004 -2005)
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By orioles - Oct 18, 2009

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