RCA SCENIUM 50" Projection TV

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This HD50LPW175 TV display 16.7 million colors with no burn-in worries. SmoothPicture feature eliminates screendoor effect Technologies and provides a more film-like image. HD50LPW175 TV can be easily moved and positioned throughout the house.

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

Product Type: DLP

Max Resolution: 1280 x 720


Product Title: RCA SCENIUM 50" Projection TV

Manufacturer: RCA

Power Score: 1.9 | 8 Reviews

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RCA Scenium HD50LPW175

Strengths: Great picture, lightweight, good sound (for the speakers it has).

Weakness: Doesn't always turn on, fan is loud (sometimes).

I bought the RCA in May 06 and just replaced it with a 60" LED. I had very good luck with this TV, unlike many others. Never had to replace the lamp, just had the loud fan for the past month. From the sound, it just needs some lubricating spray, I think. I love the picture on this TV, but I wanted to go to 1080P now. The details are very good, colors very good and hardly any motion blur,...
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By rjfrey1 - Jan 23, 2012


Strengths: It has a great picture when it works, Which is not a long time.

Weakness: The TV, parts, and customer service.

This is the first time I ever posted a review about any product I have purchased. This time I felt I had to. Buying this T.V. was the worst mistake I have ever made. The Tech. has been to my house 4 times, and my TV is still shutting off. I get about 10 Min's. of TV time before it starts shutting off and truning on every 5 Min's. I purchased the TV in Sept '06 in Nov. the problems started. It is...
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By Army2Cop - Apr 18, 2007


Strengths: Great picture- no doubt

Weakness: If you want to "rent" this set, go ahead and buy and MAYBE you'll get 1-2yrs- NOT acceptable!!!!

After 14 months, the picture went out, the bulb needed to be replaced -according to the factory set sequential lighting indicator blinking on the front- but, after replacing the bulb($280) it was NOT the problem, after a service visit- another ($200), it is still NOT working- The repair guy offered to take it to the shop (~$600)est to MAYBE find the problem!!!I refuse to put any more $ in this...
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By Notvforme; - Mar 31, 2007

Do Not Buy RCA Products

Strengths: Looked Good While it lasted which wasn't long.

Weakness: My Tv died after 6 months. No one can repair it

After 4 visits from service techs and 4 different parts 1437.39 dollars worth of parts and 2 months still doesn't work. RCA customer service is a joke. They keep telling me to wait for service. They won't even extend my Warranty for the 2 months it has been down. I don't think they will ever fix it. I just make my monthly payments on my $2000.00 paper weight. I am hoping someone will break in and...
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By Michael Barker; - Nov 29, 2006

Save your money

Strengths: Picture quality

Weakness: Reliablity

Don't buy this television. I purchased this unit in October of 2005. The light assembly failed in February. It took 5 weeks to repair because of parts availability. Unit failed again in June, same problem. After 6 weeks of discussing with "Customer Service", they agreed to replace the unit. This took another 3 weeks. After just 2 days, the new unit failed with a different problem. Spend your...
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By tbowen1018 - Sep 3, 2006

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