Mitsubishi 627 Series WD-62627 62" Projection TV

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The WD-62627 1080p DLP HDTV produce exceptionally sharp and clear high resolution pictures. At its heart is an all-new Mitsubishi digital light engine employing the latest 1080p DLP chip for unsurpassed detail. Mitsubishi also uses a high speed video processor called Plush1080p that upconverts 1080i signals to 1080p producing four times the resolution of traditional line doublers. Mitsubishi further enhances the picture performance with Dark Detailer, a system that displays deeper blacks and better dark scene detail.

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

Product Type: DLP

Interface Connection: Firewire Yes

Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080


Product Title: Mitsubishi 627 Series WD-62627 62" Projection TV

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Lowest Price: $35.75 from

Power Score: 4.0 | 4 Reviews

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Mitsubishi WD-62627

Strengths: Great picture quality.

Weakness: Unreliable

Bought TV new, in unopened box. The left or right half of the TV screen goes blank/black intermittently. The only way to get a full screen picture again is to power off the TV (or press the TV system reset button); after the power light stops blinking (indicating shutdown is complete), I can turn it back on and the TV will project a full screen again. However, the problem will reoccur, sometimes...
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By anonymous; - Feb 4, 2007

Excellent TV

Strengths: Multiple video and audio connectors. Slots for memory cards. Easy on-screen set up and configuration. Builtin TV Guide.

Weakness: Hard to find the matching TV stand

This is a great TV. I have not purchased a television in over 15 years. Technology has improved over the years and the ability to set up and configure this TV was simple. The on-screen menus allow quick device configuration. The ten sets of audio/video connections provide every imaginable option to connect components. The easy to read user manual is over 100 pages and provides detailed...
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By applegate123 - Aug 23, 2006

Mitsubishi WD-62627

Strengths: Card Reader, 2 HDMI Imputs, Picture quality w/hdmi dvd is excellent, price for 62 1080p is excellent

Weakness: Standard def tv is lacking in quality, two tone color scheme makes it hard to match other components, you have to really know about the settings and options to get a good picture

My overall impression of this tv is great, I would say 8/10. Picture quality is excellent with HDMI dvd and with over the air HD. The tv has many audio and video options to enhancement the viewing/listening experience. I would reccommend this to those who are on a budget but still want a large 1080p.

By nohopekid - Jul 20, 2006

WD 62627

Strengths: Great SD quality and HD quality. Many input channels with HDMI. Thoughful design on contrl and feature. Very user friendly.

Weakness: The audio seems a little slower than the video in certain SD channel, but acceptable.

I purchased the unit below $3000 from Best Buy. I should give them some credit since the delivery and installation job were well done. I purchased an upcoversion DVD player and watch movies at 1080i mode. The quality was great. Will install the Digital HD cable coming tomorrow. Looking forward for more enjoyable movie and HDTV programmes. The sound quality is pretty. No data on reliability yet,...
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By anonymous; - Apr 28, 2006

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