InFocus IN72 Home Cinema Projector

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The powerful appeal of the IN72 goes far beyond the magnificent picture it projects onscreen. Its sleek, futuristic, low-profile appearance adds a subtle sophistication and mysterious magnetism to any room. The IN72 also clearly displays your discriminating taste in both home-entertainment technology and fine design.

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

Light Source Type: SHP Lamp

Interface Connection: HDMI Yes, Composite Video Yes

Max Resolution: 1024 x 768

Display Type: DLP Projector

Brightness: 900 lm

Contrast Ratio: 2,000:1


Product Title: InFocus IN72 Home Cinema Projector

Manufacturer: InFocus

Power Score: 3.9 | 22 Reviews

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great image, poor functionality (computers)

Strengths: the projector has great picture quality and a low noise output.

Weakness: computer hookup is impossible

I love the projector itself, it has great picture quality and a low noise output. I am very disappointed with it's non-ability to be hooked up to a computer using a VGA for better quality. yes, you can hook up an s-viedo cord,but I don't have an output s-viedo so i had no way of using my computers high graphics on the HD projector. I was disappointed with hooking up by using my computers VGA...
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By ajpietr - Apr 4, 2007

For the price its downright amazing

Strengths: price, image quality, hdmi input

Weakness: only 1 composite video input, unit gets REALLY hot, not hd

I have only been using this for a week but so far I love it. I got it on Woot for $600 with a $200 rebate. I hooked up my DVD player through HDMI and my Playstation 1 through composite to it. I am projecting onto a wall (not a screen) and movies & games look great anyway. I am annoyed that there is only 1 composite video input because I wanted to hook up my old Sega Dreamcast too. Oh well. One...
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By momomchine - Feb 22, 2007


Strengths: quality

Weakness: price...can get for 399.00 599.00 through the company

EVERYONE SHOULD OWN THIS PODUCT..problem is now i have to get some movie seats with cup holders lol. The very best thing to do is determine a blackout room, get a retractable screen and use the projector for computer, movies, games not lifetime. So i retract the screen and watch my 32" for regular programs. 12" away is the best...96" image...most beutiful images

By anonymous; - Dec 17, 2006

Infocus IN72 Projector Review

Strengths: Bright Excellent Picture Lower Fan Noise

Weakness: Size Appearance Color No Lense Cap

I brought this projector to replace an Infocus projector SP4805. First, I have a better movie watch experience due to its lower fan noise; I can now concentrated more on the movie rather then being distracted by the fan. Secondly, the picture it display is vivid and bright, and I don't experience any Screen Door Effect on this projector. However, there are some minor thing that I don't like about...
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By chongtay - Nov 29, 2006

Not disapointed. Happy

Strengths: wide screen features and great picture quality. Great contrast and awsomef while playing first person shooting games on ps2 or ps3. Nice design and good buy for the price 599.00 circuit city.

Weakness: bigger than your average projector.

looked around and compared many this has the value for the buck and is not a disappointment. I was hesitant to purchase but looked around and saw that this Item has been marked down dramatically, would purchase again. Good buy, happy now.

By vamptek - Nov 26, 2006

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