Epson Powerlite 8100-R LCD Projector

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Product Title: Epson Powerlite 8100-R LCD Projector

Manufacturer: Epson

Power Score: 3.1 | 2 Reviews

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Buyer Beware, lamp life is not 4000 hours, it's closer to 500 hours

I bought this projector based on the fact that the bulb was rated for 4000 hours. After only ~500 hours the bulb failed. I called Epson who assured me that the problem was fixed as they've switched manufacturers and they shipped me a replacement under warranty. After ~500 hours on the replacement bulb, it failed as well. I called Epson and even escalated the call to a supervisor and they...
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By fpickering@yahoo.com_757594742 - Nov 13, 2013

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By - Aug 23, 2011

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