Asus P1 DLP Projector - HDTV - 16:9

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Experience bright, crystal clear 40 HD 1280 x 800 projections from a distance of only 1 meter. At this size, even 8-point fonts can be seen and read clearly. The use of an energy-efficient LED light source delivers a 10X longer lifespan along with bigger savings. Additionally, it also ensures whisper-silent operation.ASUS Set-n-Go Technology for Instant On/Off, Instant Height Adjustment, and Auto Keystone Correction for quick, easy use. It tips the scales at just 415g, and has dimensions similar to a CD case. Its compatibility with most ASUS laptop power adapters makes it the ideal ASUS business combo.


Product Title: Asus P1 DLP Projector - HDTV - 16:9

Manufacturer: Asus

Power Score: 4.0 | 1 Review