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Power Inverters - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review Lite PowerVerter APS3636VR Power Inverter (Input Voltage: 120V AC, 36V DC - Output Voltage: 120V AC - Continuous Power: 3600W)


rimmer59 - (August 23, 2003) I have a 1973 General Electric, electric garden tractor that I am rebuilding. I needed a 30 amp 36 volt battery charger and thought, what if I also bought an inverter? Then I could run all my 120vac tools and appliances like my electric chain saw, weed cutter, vacuum, leaf blower, etc. right from my garden tractor without running an extension cord from my house. Then I found the APS 3636. This inverter met all my needs, electrically and physically. The 3-stage battery charger works with all types of lead acid batteries and so far the inverter has handled everything with ease. I highly recommend this inverter.

5 Star Review XPower Micro Inverter 400 (12V DC - 115V AC - Continuous Power:320W)


edavidw - (May 03, 2005) Great for operating a laptop, PDA or other office machine on AC power. I use a small portable bubble jet printer on this inverter. The cooling fan keeps the unit from getting to hot and shutting down. I had another manufacturer's unit which would shut down after getting hot, no fan on that unit - get one with a fan, like this one!

5 Star Review Powermate PMP2000 2000-Watt Power Inverter


jormar41 - (April 27, 2005) Very good inveter I use for aroun 6 hour during the power filure and use my tv some lamp and 1.2 cu.ft refrigerator. very good live on a good baterry

Latest Reviews

4 Star Review An excellent inverter for computers, HDTVs & electronics which require clean power

CraigM - (05/27/2013) Pros: overall, the SunForce 1000 watt inverter is a nice unit. During power outages, it produces clean power for my computers (I work from home sometimes) which I run off of an Optima sealed battery, periodically recharging it using the my car. Cons: hidden in the manual, the 1000 watts is split across the two 115 volt outlets meaning that only 500 watts is available on each. During a power outage in the winter, trying to run a 900 watt room heater from 1 outlet won't work.

5 Star Review This product works great

Nick - (04/23/2013) Charges quickly and turns itself off once it drains too much of the battery. Great product!

5 Star Review Good inverter

Blake - (01/10/2013) Shipping was quick. Hooked it up to a battery. Fan came on for a minute but turned off. Came on only when it started to get warm. Needs longer Cords. Came with Clamps and car charger adapter plug. Both need longer cables.

Top Reviewers


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