Sony Mobile CST-60 Standard Charger

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Charge your phone with a Sony Ericsson Standard Battery Charger to choose quality and safety. Developed in co-ordination, it offers optimal performance. The charger is compatible with many phones and features the advanced Fast port system connector for enhanced performance.

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Product Compatibility: Sony Ericsson Products:C702aC902J220aK510aK550iK750iK790aK850iM600iP1iP990iS500iW200aW300iW580iW600W610iW710iW712aW800W810iW880iW950iZ310aZ520aZ525aZ550aZ710iZ750aD750iJ100aJ100cJ100iJ110iJ120iJ220cJ220iJ230cJ230iK220iK310aK310cK310iK320iK510cK510iK530iK610iK610imK618iK750cK758cK770iK790cK790iK800iM608cP1P990T250iT650iV630iW200W300cW550cW550iW600cW600iW610W660iW700cW700iW710cW800cW800iW810cW830cW830iW850iW900cW900iW910iW958cW960iZ310Z520cZ520iZ525iZ530cZ530iZ550cZ550iZ558cZ558iZ610iZ710cZ710i

Device Type: AC Charger


Product Title: Sony Mobile CST-60 Standard Charger

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 4.2 | 10 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

Standard charger.

Strengths: Original beats fake ones for consistency and peace of mind.

Weakness: None.

It is a standard charger for a bunch of Sony Ericsson's phones. I am not sure why I have to leave a product review but I would like to say that if you can buy a genuine charger go for it. Cheap knockoffs are okay but there might be a higher chance of damaging the battery and it is also less safe against power fluctuations.

By xiaobuji - Jul 19, 2008

Sony Ericsson CST60 Standard Charger for K750i

Strengths: Manufacturer's replacement part.

Weakness: Connector design is subject to damage if not handled carefully.

The charger works well. I wish the design of the connector was different. It's prone to damage if you're not careful with it. The problem is in the design of the connector. Functionally, it works well.

By anonymous; - Mar 24, 2008

Soney Ericsson CST60 home cahrger

Strengths: Works great!

Weakness: Don't pull the cord at the phone connector. You can't repair it and it breaks fairly easily. Other than that its great!

I'd buy it. Let see it comes with the phone! Its better than the junky aftermarket generic ones. Other than the pulling on the cord thing it would probably never break.

By navyboy65 - Jan 18, 2008

Charger CST-60

Strengths: charged the phone well in short time

Weakness: Poorly made, the teeth of socket easily bent

I got my charger with phone about 4 months ago. It has worked well but when I took it travel the teeth were bent during time in my suitcase. I thought that it shouldn't be so easily bent unless intentionally done.

By stekunan - Jan 10, 2008

Awesome deal

Strengths: Not that expensive.

Weakness: None

Good product for 810i. Got it through Malcolm wireless for $7, an awesome deal. Is the original charger that was given along with my cellphone kit. I go to sony ericsson web site they have a CST-75 or something for w810i. But this is better in its design, that what I feel.

By sirish_S - Jul 4, 2007

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